Last year, I wrote that if diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel returned to normal, there was no doubt that the first thing the leaders of both countries would do is sit down to discuss Syria. So, if someone asks what happens next between Turkey and Israel, the answer is quite simple: Syria.

Above all, Turkey and Israel feel the most threatened considering the all too real possibility of a radical Islamic groups taking control of the country and another despotic regime coming on the scene in the Middle East.


However, it is not right to merely watch the bloodshed from a distance and be reluctant to take a stance against cruelty, just because of the fear of radicalism and the possibility of Syria becoming an attractive base for terrorist groups.

Israel and Turkey are the two neighboring countries that will not allow a fanatic and totalitarian regime to reign in the region. Similarly, they are the two countries that serve as protectors of democracy and secularism. Having this common stance, they should cooperate to usher Bashar Assad out of power and to move him and his family to a secure country such as Jordan. Turkey and Israel are the ideal regional countries to resolve this issue.

It goes without saying that despite the fact that Assad has all but lost control of the country, it is still essential that he step down in order for the bloodshed to end and for things to calm down. Given the current situation, it is highly probable that Assad feels under a great deal of pressure and that his life is in very real danger, much like the late Colonel Qaddafi.

The sordid end of Muammar Qaddafi no doubt is in President Assad’s thoughts. That is why Turkey and Israel should work together to take Assad—of his own volition and with his family—from Syria to Jordan, since Jordan has already agreed to his settlement on its soil. Provided that the Russian government is informed, Israeli and Turkish jets and helicopters can take him out of Syria. He should be allowed to bring a legitimate amount of his possessions and personal wealth out with him, enough for his needs, and provided a comfortable place in Jordan to live out the rest of his days. It would be very good that Turkey and Israel ensure the safety of Assad and his wife and children.

Assad’s fall will not end the clashes in Syria, since far too much blood has been spilled and the ones whose family members have been killed will doubtlessly seek to avenge themselves on the supporters of the regime. Additionally, the conflict between various ethnic groups and minorities are also expected to intensify unless a new government takes command of the situation through peaceful means. The slaughter of non-Muslims would be a terrible disgrace and utterly immoral. Turkey must declare its opposition to such a thing.

Neither non-Muslims nor Alawites should be harmed in the slightest way; nobody must seek to do such a thing. But if there are people who have been involved in murder, they must be put on trial. They should be arrested, but they must not be treated like animals, of course. Dragging people on the ground, beating and torturing them is immoral. They should be tried for their crimes, detained under normal conditions, and be given whatever sentence is fitting in a legitimate, lawful way. Another slaughter would be utterly wrong, and neither Turkey nor Israel or Russia should support summary executions.

Israel, Turkey and Russia must also take special protective precautions regarding Syrian Alawites and Christians. Naturally, Syria is likely to adopt a Muslim worldview, but there is absolutely no need for slaughter or any similar disgrace. The Syrians must quietly install a democratic government. It is also important for Turkey, Israel and Russia to issue a statement that the current opposition cannot act outside the boundaries of International Law.

The new government should be a representation of all individuals—regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sect or ideology—and guarantee that no one will face coercion again. Thus, a temporary government can be set up through common agreement among Turkey, Israel, Russia, and other nations, until free and fair elections can be held. Of course, the establishment of a democratic government through free elections by the citizens of Syria must be the primary aim, but it will be easier to create these conditions if Turkey, Israel and Russia become involved as guarantors.

The question is what kind of a leader should emerge after Assad’s fall. The leader of a democratic government to be established in Syria must embrace the Alawites and the Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and others. In other words, he must be a leader who embraces all faiths and all sects; he must state that he will love and embrace them all. He must make people feel that he will only act against the despots, tyrants, killers and the state within a state inside Syria, and even then only by the most scrupulous and legal means.

Assad is currently killing Sunnis, but it would be a disaster if the next leader takes action against Alawites in revenge. Such killings of Alawites, Christians or other minorities would be a catastrophe. The person who emerges must guarantee the full rights of all religions and minority populations. It is imperative that he make it clear that he is not a despot and that he declare his democratic intentions in a clear, coherent and reassuring manner.

With that, God willing, peace will take hold in Syria and life can begin to return to normal for the people of Syria and the entire region.


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Sinem Tezyapar is an executive producer on Turkish Television. She is a political and religious commentator and a peace activist. She can be reached on Facebook, and Twitter.


  1. These are possibly the most clueless, nonsensical words written about Bashar al-Assad that I’ve read in two years of closely following the Syrian Revolution…from Israel. May that genocidal psychopath meet a justice appropriate to his depraved crimes against humanity. And may the Syrian people, who have fought and died for their freedom with courage and dignity, be rewarded with a just peace. InshaAllah. Be’esrat Hashem.

  2. Sara Racine — Assad’s cruelty is matched, body for body, by the Suni rebels. When they win, it will not mark the end of the bloodshed but, rather, the even greater increase in deaths of innocent civilians, this time Allawaites and Christians.

  3. "will not allow a fanatic and totalitarian regime to reign in the region" – REALLY? Let's look at Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Ottoman: ALL despotic fanatic totalitarian jihadi regimes! And with obama funding and arming all of them, only Israel will stand to defend her democracy.

  4. Nice one Arie; however, let's not forget the Armenian Genocide from a fanatic and totalitarian regime in our region who also commits war crimes against Israel and expects Israel to apologize for trying to protect herself from theri terrorist actions.

  5. Hold on to those wonderful thoughts. Unfortunately it is likely that the Machiach will come before we see any real stability and brotherly love among the different sectarian groups in Syria. Death,revenge and the human tragedy will continue indefinitely in Syria for the foreseable

  6. Since every one desires security of person and property, liberty to worship, fair trial, freedom of speech etc., these facts, over a period of time, rose to become what is called Human Rights. He who violates these rights is held to be the enemy of humankind. According to Anwar Sheikh, this Arabian religion, Islam, fails to qualify as the friend and guide of humanity. In fact, it constitutes a major threat to the survival of the human race.

    Anwar stated that, “as every student of psychology knows the purpose of any fundamentalism is to secure blind following from its adherents. This is possible only when they are conditioned to a certain object or goal which begins to rank as the sole purpose of their lives. As a result, the purpose begins to overrule the method of acquisition; whatever secures it is good and whatever obstructs it is bad. In a nutshell, people must stop thinking for themselves, especially in terms of morality. As the Marxists brainwashed people in the name of proletarianism and what it stood for, the Muslims have been conditioned to the person of the Prophet Muhammad, who is projected as the Saviour of his followers, having complete power to find them permanent residence in paradise, which is the abode of luxury, love making and lasciviousness. Since Muslims, in most countries are deprived, depressed and desolated, they are prepared to do anything to uphold the honour of the Prophet. For total obedience, they are at liberty to indulge in the most convenient morality such as mendacity, rape, murder, theft and treason without losing their chance of entering the paradise which has been absolutely guaranteed by their faith in the Prophet Muhammad.”.

    It was stated by the JewishPress editor that Jews are allowed in Mosques; however, this is not true according to the Koran.
    "Do not let non-Muslims enter mosques. They will go to hell." (Repentance: 17).

  7. Arie, you'd like to think Bush had nothing to do with the situation. It was his moronic invasion of Iraq instead of solidifying the Afghanistan victory that destabalized the whole Middle East, allowing Iran to become dominant by removing their enemy Iraq from power and in fact making Iraq an ally of Iran, and allowing Iran to develop their nuclear facility.

  8. Anwar Sheikh has proven beyond any reason of a doubt that everything that Sinem Tezyapar has stated is complete mendaciousness (lying). Islamic law is incompatible with democracy. It is a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head. Allah’s law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics. There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals. Islamic law is based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah, which are set and fixed. According to Muslims, there is no need for addition or correction. Neither is there any room for the law of fallible man, particularly non-Muslims. Muslims think that nothing should take the place of Allah’s perfect law, which supposedly tells a man everything he needs to know about daily life.
    The law of one man, one vote is heretical to Islam. The testimony of a Muslim woman is worth only half that of a man. Jews and Christians are never to have equal standing with Muslims (let alone Hindus and Buddhists) under the law and certainly never in a position of authority over Muslims, and atheists are to be killed outright.

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