We’ve all heard the expression “Never Again.” I think those of us who grew up hearing it actually believed it. Lately, though, I’ve been getting that deja-vu feeling all over again. I have a difficult time understanding how a civilized world would ever allow a monster like Hitler not only to rise to power but to galvanize an entire nation to action. Is the rise of Arab Nazism any different?

Let me see if I understand this correctly: After two years of non-stop terror attacks and killing sprees, the Arabs are going to be rewarded with another state. And all they have to do is promise not to do it as much anymore. They really, really want to be good and they won’t direct their “militant” bombings at anyone but the infidel Jewish soldiers and ‘settlers.’

Problem is, I believe that when the Arabs say “settlements” or “occupation” they really mean Israel – all of it! These were the same words used before 1967 when Israel liberated today’s “occupied” territories. There were no Jewish settlements, no “occupation” by Israel in the territories in question, but that did not stop the Arabs from trying to eradicate the Jewish state.

So why doesn’t the world get it? Maybe they do. Maybe they get it the same way they got it during the Holocaust: “Tsk-tsk, thank G-d it’s the Jews, and not us.”

How many times do we have to say “Never again?”

Since Ariel Sharon has apparently turned into Ehud Barak by offering up the heart and soul of his country, is it possible to have the man committed? What lunacy to issue 25,000 work permits a couple months back so that more terrorists can blow up more civilians! But that’s hardly all: the freeing of several hundred killers from prison, removing the IDF from hotbed towns, and unfreezing assets so the Arabs can buy more bombs is unforgivable.

Can he be pressured to resign? Can Israel have a recall election? It’s come down to this: Sharon must be removed from office in an orderly, democratic fashion. He cannot be allowed to govern any longer. He and his Cabinet have allowed themselves to become emasculated.

Under the terms Sharon has pronounced himself ready to accept, Arabs would be able to live anywhere, including within the Jewish state, while Jews would be verboten in the new state of  ‘Palestine.’

The Muslim population is growing at an alarming rate all over the world. They de-Christianize and de-Judaize everything in their wake ? but somehow it’s acceptable. I had Father Keith Roderick on my television show not so long ago with author Avi Davis, and we discussed how at every chance the Muslims are tearing down churches and building mosques in their place. Synagogues they just blow up. Can you imagine the riots and destruction that would ensue if the situation were reversed?

The United States, for whatever reason, has always put tremendous pressure on Israel to accede to its wishes or…or what? It will no longer support the Jewish state? But look at the price Israel is paying for that support. At this rate, the bill that one day will come due will be the very survival of the country.

It’s not like this is something new. A similar “peace” deal as was crammed down Israel’s throat ten years ago, and that led to where we are today. What would move the Israelis to even consider Oslo II?

As for the so-called mainstream Palestinian leadership, its only point of contention with Hamas and the other out-in-the-open terrorist organizations is the level of terror needed to achieve the results they all want.

The reluctance on the part of the U.S. to confront Palestinian terror head-on makes a mockery of President Bush’s pledge to “hunt down the evil-doers” and “destroy them.” An independent state of ‘Palestine’ will be nothing more than a terrorist training ground – indeed, it will become Terrorist Central.

Message received by the Arab world: “Terrorism pays if you do it.”

I’m no political maven. But I can’t help wonder why Israel, with all its military might, allows itself to be bogged down playing Peace Talk.

I used to think that war would be a terrible thing. But Israel has the means and plenty of reasons to use its resources. Does the IDF have one more Six-Day War left in it? I certainly hope so.