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It did not help you.

  • Your dirty underhanded funneling of financing from overseas for the Israel Left did not help you.
  • The naked monolithic jihad by nearly the entire Israeli media and the entire overseas media against Netanyahu did not help.
  • The corrupt prosecutorial abuses and last minute “investigations” of the bottle recycling change in the Prime Minister’s residence and the gardening allowances and air travel of the Prime Minister did not help you.
  • The polls before the election that were predicting 21 seats for the Likud and 26 for Labor did not help you.
  • The demonstration of the Left the week before elections and the gross inflation of its size by the biased media did not help you.
  • The assault against Bibi by the White House and the State Department and the Democrats and the Eurotrash did not help you.
  • The naked endorsements of the Labor Party by the American administration and the Europeans did not help you.
  • The bitching about the Congressional speech did not help you.
  • The open endorsement of the Labor Party by the Arabs did not help you.

Like the smell of napalm, I love the whimpering of leftists in the morning! It smells/sounds like victory.

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Steven Plaut is a professor at the University of Haifa. He can be contacted at [email protected]