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I suppose that by now all have heard that a complete BDS boycott of Israeli products was adopted by the municipality of Reykjavik, the rather dreary capital of Iceland. The Icelandeers are upset at continuing Israeli “occupation” of the “Palestinians.” Iceland has no Jewish community at all, although they may have a sprinkling of individual Jews, and the wife of the President there is supposed to be an ex-Israeli. Reykjavik is most memorable for that quip in an episode of the Sopranos where gangster Tony Soprano responds to an Icelandic stewardess saying “Reykjavik,” by commenting, “And if you do you will clean it up.”

Under the circumstances, it occurs to me that a great historic opportunity now presents itself for righting historic wrongs and for achieving social justice. Why should we not take all the “refugees” now crowding train stations in Hungary, Serbia, and the Greek islands and simply ship them all off to Iceland? Why should these people be denied the pleasure of listening to Björk Guðmundsdóttir or of lunching on skyr, hangikjöt, kleinur, laufabrauð and bollur?


Iceland is mainly empty so there is lots of room free for 700 or 800 thousand Middle Eastern “refugees” and migrants. I am sure the Icelandeers will accommodate the Levantines by prohibiting pork consumption and requiring headscarves, which would be no burden, given the weather. Unlike Hungary, no nasty Icelandic journalist will intentionally trip Syrian migrants carrying their children and knock them down on to the grass, since there is no grass in Iceland. And after all those international bailouts of Iceland, surely no Icelandeers will complain. (Remember the quip: What is the capital of Iceland? Answer, around 40 dollars.)

There is however one concern. Iceland becomes uninhabitable every century or so due to multiple explosions of violent volcanoes and the flooding from glacial melt-off. What would happen if this were to occur after the Middle East migrants are ensconced on the island? I mean, at that point, the whole world would have to go searching for places of refuge whither the Syrian “refugees” in Iceland could go to escape and live in safety.

I am thinking here maybe Syria?


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