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Hareidi religious Jews in Israel perform the Kapparot ceremony in Jerusalem.

The much-embattled Jewish ritual of using a purchased, donated live chicken as a “kapparah,” or sacrifice with which to absolve one’s sins before Yom Kippur has been given a green light in New York.

The purchased chicken is returned to the organization after completing the prayer and is then ritually slaughtered and donated to the poor for food. In some communities money has replaced the rite where chickens have become unavailable or where politics have made the issue so unpalatable that it community leaders no longer have the energy to cope with the fallout.


State Supreme Court Justice Debra James decided against a petition by The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, ruling there was insufficient evidence to prove the ritual a public nuisance, the New York Post reported last week.

The lawsuit was filed this past July and named several rabbis, synagogues, the New York Police Department and New York City as well. It accused the NYC Health Department and the NYPD of aiding and abetting in the ritual by blocking off streets and sidewalks, and not enforcing city and state health and animal cruelty laws.

Various animal rights organizations, including PETA at one point, have annually made the same attempt.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, chairman of the board of the Chabad-Lubavitch-linked National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE), told in a phone call on Sunday the organization is greatly relieved the judge upheld the ancient custom.

“We are very happy and proud that the Judge held up our Constitutional rights, which are based on freedom of religion, and has allowed us to keep this ancient minhag (custom). Although we recognize that this issue is not over,” he added, “we are thankful to God that we have the opportunity to carry out this important mitzvah to its fullest measure.”

The ritual is carried out as follows:

The live chicken is held above one’s head, and then slowly moved around in three sets of three circles as the petitioner recites a prayer that speaks of the “shadow of death… foolish sinners, afflicted because of their sinful ways and their wrongdoings.”

At no time is it considered permissible to handle the bird roughly, nor is it permissible to torment or upset the bird in any way, which itself is considered the separate sin of tza’ar ba’alei chaim (causing distress to a live creature of God).

The prayer (a brief excerpt follows) goes on to urge repentance, and describe how to expiate one’s sins on the day before Yom Kippur.

“They cry out to the Lord in their distress; He saves them from their afflictions. Redeem him from going down to the grave; I have found expiation [for him]… This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This rooster/hen shall go to its death and I shall proceed to a good, long life and peace.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. I am not an Arab or an Orthodox Jew, Mohamed, therefore I have the freedom of a Reform Jew to disagree with the Old Testament’s writings on many subjects. The Bible was written by mortals over centuries and contain writings which are totally out of place at this time in the world. I love and respect the Prophets but their beliefs were for their time and must be modified for this time. That is what Reform Judaism is all about.Maybe one day we will agree-Inshallah.

  2. Ours sins over a CHIKEN?? It’s written that this should be done with a goat at the Temple…where. Is It? Lev 16.
    So, it can’t be done
    ! Yah says that the blood of a LAMB or a goat should be shed instead of Ours, not a CHIKEN…. THIS COME FROM HUMEN’s RITUALS, written In Oral Law…it’s not written In the Tanach!!!
    Non sense….

  3. For those of you who say it is barbaric and don't think it should be performed, simply don't participate. Why should those for whom it is still a part of their beliefs stop because of your discomfort? I'm sure there are many things you believe in that they would find abhorent. I find it remarkable that people who claim to be the most tolerant are actually the most intolerant. Leave them alone and go your own way.

  4. Shame on all of you, a chicken was NEVER used as a sacrificed animal two goats and a bullock. One goat was slain the other was let go, but never a chicken. You go to HaShem with this abomination and suffer the consequence. Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures does it say use a chicken.

  5. We have to remember that Yah never ask for blood, even where sinners people went out from Egyp ( ירמיה 7:22-)but when they celebrate the First Covenant – they deserved to die – שמות לב 31:27-33. Only after this time HaShem requeres the blood of a lamb, instead the blood of the sinners, until He could fullfil the promisse that have been done with Abraham, when He was at a time to sacrifice his only son – ברשות כר – 22:15-19….
    The blood would be shed as substitution of the man’sblood, as happened In Passover , when they still are In Egypt….when HaShem could send His Massiach, he died In our place, for the sins of every one, Jews and gentiles that beleive In His perfect plan….for this reason, we can’t accept chiken, because our blood is completely diferent!!!! Blesses be יהוה…

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