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As you can see, Haniyah refuses to recognize Israel – we simply don’t exist! Furthermore, we are the sworn enemy and he is dedicated to our destruction. Based on that, here are my simple questions to him: If we don’t exist, who took care of your kid? What hospital did she stay in? Who took care of your granddaughter? Did she also stay in that same hospital that doesn’t exist – since if we don’t exist neither do our hospitals?? And how about the good ‘ol “shvigger” (Yiddish for mother in law) – who took care of her?

The bottom line is this, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, you are simply blind. The world is led by a bunch of hypocrites. They condemn Israel, yet use our technology to bring water to poor countries. They trash Israel at every opportunity possible, yet use our inventions in the field of medicine, telecommunications, computers and in saving time in traffic with WAZE. Israel has become an “ATM PIN CUSHION”, a devise into which you stick pins and hurt the machine yet – whenever you need – you use that same machine to give you as much cash as you need!


However, like most of our problems, I blame ourselves and not Ismail Haniyeh. He is laughing at Israel, which gladly accepts and treats his sick daughter. We are the problem – not him!

Here is what I would have said to him when he requested help from an Israeli hospital; “You are my enemy. You have dedicated your life to killing my sons and daughters and now you ask me to help yours? Because of you, we have buried thousands of beautiful Jews. Young mothers have become widows, little babies have become orphans and parents have buried children. No, we will not help your daughter or granddaughter and if because of that they die, then their blood is on YOUR head, not ours. We didn’t ask for this war but since you started, we will finish it. Do you seriously think that as you kidnap our children we would medically treat and help yours? Is there anyone else in the world that would even consider this? Oh, right – you expect Jews to be better and more moral than everyone else. This is actually the only thing we agree on! I WILL be better than you. My soldiers will kill more of my enemies than yours could ever dream of. My rockets will be better as well and so will my tanks and planes. The old shtetl, ghetto Jew who sat in fear of the goy is gone, and today, the proud young men and women of the IDF are a LOT better than you or your ISIS buddies will EVER be. And we are more moral as well, since we will do everything possible to protect the lives of those soldiers over the lives of your daughter and granddaughter and yes – even your mother-in-law. Those who, in the past, put your family first are the IMMORAL ones and while we wish your sick daughter no harm, she will not step foot into an Israeli hospital as long as her father is still breathing. I will compromise on one thing. After the elite IDF commandos send you to meet Allah, we will examine her on her way home from your funeral. Our fine, Jewish doctors will then write their recommendations as to what should be done and then ship her off to one of the many hospitals you built in Gaza for medical care.”

May this be the year that our Jewish leaders speak this way. Amen!


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Shmuel Sackett is the founder and director of the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation.


  1. WE the Israeli government are enablers!!! and then we stand around and cry! Which sane nation allows this and other madness i.e. throwing stones, Arab MK making hate speeches, arabs rioting… WE permit this madness and then wonder why??? l

  2. Thank you , Shmuel Sackett, for your clear and much-needed description of the situation, and may this be the year that our Jewish leaders speak this way. Amen! Please, people, speak up against this lunacy!

  3. The government of Israel can drive a turtle insane with her idiotic politics! Why are they treating Gazans? They have doctors in Gaza, they consider a "state", let them take care of themselves these barbarians sub-human scum! The Gazans are making fun of Israel, attacking her whenever they want, causing her enormous troubles, kill her sons and then they know that Israel will reach out a hand whenever they want. Since Israel has lost her sanity when she signed the Oslo Accords each day she is deteriorating to an absolute insanity

  4. I cannot see that helping his daughter hurts Israel in any way. True, it may not help Israel either. But, perhaps, in the long run God looks more favorably at those who try their best to help others, even if those others are working against them. I congratulate Israel for doing this.

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