If you repeat a lie often enough, you begin to believe it’s the truth.

Although their positive contributions to society are nil to zero, the Palestinians do present two societal models. First, they have perfected a blueprint for perpetual victimhood; second, they have become masters at PR. The latter talent was no doubt adopted and well learned from the days of that infamous paragon of propaganda, Yasir Arafat.


They have, in fact, learned these lessons so well that they have been able to pass them on not only to their own children but to the rest of the world as well.

Not only have righteous activists throughout the Arab world adopted their “Free Palestine from the Israeli Occupiers” mantra, “infidels” from other religions have joined them in their courageous struggle.

So good are the Palestinians at propaganda, they have even won over significant numbers of hapless progressive liberals, including members of the Jewish tribe whose legendary compassion for the downtrodden extends mainly to those outside of their own religion.

These noble souls have joined the Palestinians in their chants of “From the River to the Sea Palestine Shall be Free.” Thus, in their eagerness to appease the Palestinians –notwithstanding the fact that the stated purpose of those Palestinians is to drive the Jews out of their own land through vicious campaigns of bombing, shooting, stabbing, and car-ramming – these Jewish activists have jumped on the “freedom train,” opposing any Jewish settlement activity while applauding and encouraging Palestinian expansion on Jewish land, which of course they insist on calling Palestinian land.

The big lie, however, is obvious to anyone willing to see the simple truth.

Ancient Israel never was the land of an Arab population known as Palestinians, which in actuality was a name given to the Jews of Israel when it was occupied by the Romans.

Israel always was and still is the promised land of the Jewish people, hence the name of the Jews has always been “Bnei Yisrael,” sons of Israel. For thousands of years Jews have lived in Israel, loved Israel, prayed for Israel, and died for Israel – long before the present-day Israeli Arabs, reinventing themselves as the true indigenous people of Israel, began calling themselves Palestinians.

In 1948 the Jews of Palestine accepted the UN mandate to live side by side with the Arabs of Palestine. The Arabs rejected the offer. Arab leaders urged Muslims living in Eretz Yisrael – many of them from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon – to flee until the Arab armies achieved their objective of destroying the newborn Jewish state.

Of course, things didn’t work out quite the way the Arabs planned, and there has not been peace ever since.

The Palestinians have proved time and again that what they live for, and what they are willing to kill and even die for, is to throw the Jews out of Israel – just as, between the years 1920 and 1970, Arab and Muslim countries throughout the Middle East expelled 900,000 Jews from places where they’d been living for twenty centuries.

The Palestinians will never be happy with two states side by side. What they really want is one state – a Palestinian state, free of Jews. By persistently repeating the lie of Israeli occupation, Jews flying the banner of movements such as Peace Now and J Street are helping the Palestinians in their quest to achieve this goal.

Though Israeli “settlers” are accused of promoting anti-Semitism, the Jews who accuse Israel of being “occupiers” are the ones promoting and excusing anti-Semitism. It is these Jews the Palestinian protesters point to as proof they are not anti-Jewish, just anti-Israeli aggression, even as they freely compare “Israeli occupiers” to Nazis and even as not a few have been heard on college campuses yelling “Go back to the ovens, Hitler didn’t finish the job…”

Thus Jews who help promulgate the myth that the land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians rather than the Jews are not promoting peace at all. Rather, they are validating a lie in their unfounded belief that this will lead to peace, when in actuality nothing could be further from the truth. What they are doing is enabling more hatred and violence. Israel needs their support, not their unjustified condemnation.


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Ettie Kryksman is a longtime yeshiva and public school teacher living in Brooklyn.