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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Mossad Ceremony.




After debating the issue at length and gathering as many perspectives as possible, I decided that I will indeed be voting and voting for Bibi, at that.

It was not an easy decision. There is no party that fits my personal vision for Israel. And there is no candidate who has not, at some point in time, done me wrong by doing things that go against my strongest held beliefs.

But I keep coming back to Bibi, giving that stunning speech to Congress. Only Bibi has the sort of leadership qualities we need to get us through this perilous time.

Every time I ask my husband if he’s read the newest narishkeit (for instance today it was the U.S. taking Iran and Hezbollah off the terror watch list), he says to me, “The forces of evil are very strong right now.”

Something huge is going on, something momentous. I feel it.

Do you?

So I do my best to play it all out in my head: Buji and Livni wouldn’t last very long. There’d be a big war, perhaps the war to end all wars, Chalila. We’d have diminished security depth and terrorists pouring in from every side and every corner of the world. And we all know what Iran would do.

Either it would be the ‘End Times‘ and Mashiach would come, or, as usually happen when security goes to um, excrement, everyone would suddenly become right wing and bring Bibi back.

Do I really want to live through all that?

Nah. I’d rather just head it all off at the start, by getting Bibi reelected.

And you know what my biggest dream is? That Bibi wins by a LANDSLIDE.

It would serve Obama right if everything he said about Bibi’s speech to Congress, and especially about it being a ploy to influence the Israeli elections CAME TRUE.

I’d love to see Obama’s face when he gets the news. I want to see the STEAM coming out his Mickey Mouse ears.

So let me go through the rest of it for you…

Contrary to the popular belief of leftist bloggers, I am no fringe right wing extremist. I am concerned that a certain *cough* right wing party has at least one member I consider to be a loose cannon. I can totally see him sending a letter bomb to President Obama. It makes me laugh so hard to think that anyone thinks BIBI is a hawk and a right wing extremist. Sheesh. These people are ridiculous.

And then there is the other right wing party. The one that was new last time around. The one I voted for.

They want to give the enemy autonomy on my land. They want to annex other parts of my land that belong to me (and you, of course), by birthright AND international law. Nope. Not buying it. I am for asserting sovereignty. No to annexation. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So, then there is the option of not voting. Well, so many people said to me, “Varda, you HAVE to vote. You of all people. And besides, people died for you to have that privilege.”

Okay, that last bit didn’t much impress me. Sounded like a certain people who say that a naughty little Jewish boy died for their sins. But okay, I see their point.

So it sticks in my craw. Voting for a guy who cheated on his wife, voted for Disengagement four times, froze construction, didn’t go far enough with the “operations” in Gaza, didn’t go far enough in pursuing justice after a three month-old little girl was decapitated on his watch, and etc., etc., etc.


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