After three years of nearly non-stop effort – years spent speaking to rabbis, getting Knesset members to motivate their colleagues, reaching out to Muslim clergy, to the pope, and ultimately to the heretofore uninformed masses of haredim and datiyim – the cholent I cooked up together with a handful of activists such as Jerusalem Councilwoman Mina Fenton, activist Efrayim Holtzberg, and Dr. Daisy Stern finally came to a boil.

On Friday afternoon, November 10, together with a cameraman filming a documentary about the conflict, I managed to get through three police checkpoints around the Givat Ram stadium where the Jerusalem homosexual rally was taking place. Although I was stopped at the entrance to the stadium, I was allowed to remain there for approximately one hour during which I spoke to Israeli and Arab reporters as well as those from The New York Times, Reuters, and other media outlets. Afterward, I went to CNN headquarters where I had an 8-minute interview that was seen around the world.


But the people who really made the parade not happen were a few hundred teenagers disenchanted with the continuing spiritual rape of Jerusalem by a small cadre of homosexual militants who were not satisfied with having a homosexual bar, a homosexual nightlife and subculture, and a homosexual city councilman, but demanded that Jerusalem yield to an annual parade and an international LBTG convention as well.

The youngsters decided to kindle Lag b’Omer and Chanukah fires a bit early in the season. All their bonfires together left as much street garbage as follows the average rock concert. Despite the unwarranted and biased intervention of Attorney General Mazuz and Chief Justice Beinish, no march took place this year in Yerushalayim.

Even leftists like Ehud Olmert, Collette Avital, and Shimon Peres sided with the religious and viewed them as being provoked by the militant homosexual leadership. In any event, police indiscriminately beat religious Jews, even entering homes and stopping cars in order to drag people out and beat them.

Imagine if, instead of a few hundred Yerushalmis and yeshiva students, we would have seen 20,000 adults take to the streets each night – fathers and mothers from Mizrachi and Shas, the yeshiva and chassidic worlds. All the police horses and all the policemen in Israel would not have dared beat them.

All right, so we temporarily pushed the arrogant homosexuals back into a large, outdoor closet, a stadium on the edge of town. Is the fight over? Absolutely not. The sponsor – the Jerusalem Open House – promises more parades and other similar events “sooner than you think!”

Now is the time for rabbis and Orthodox lay leaders everywhere to educate their followers that this fight is not merely about a parade – it’s about the homosexualization of the Holy Land, with Israel as a point of entry to the entire Middle East.

Here are some of the items on the agenda of Israeli homosexuals as espoused by the parade sponsor: legalizing same gender marriage; encouraging huge increases in gay tourism; supporting gay aliyah; mandating (yes, a compulsory program!) a homosexual curriculum in all Israeli public schools; and levying penalties, under the guise of “incitement” on people who speak out against homosexuality.

Although the Orthodox community has been somewhat alerted to the problem, most Jews are unaware of these wide-ranging goals and their ramifications. The next step is to reach out to the general Israeli public in order to explain to them why the aforementioned issues will also affect them. Doing this requires a professional public relations firm, and that costs money.

If our rabbinic and lay leaders rise quickly to the challenge and – before any momentum is lost in the Knesset or in the gladdened hearts of Orthodox Jews – urge our philanthropists to fund the necessary public relations efforts, we can continue to roll back the homosexual onslaught.

If we don’t have the philanthropic support, I fear we soon will be facing something far worse than a parade or convention. In ten years or less we will be witness to an entire generation of brainwashed Israelis embracing homosexual marriage, tourism, “culture,” etc. If the gay activists have their way, Jerusalem may turn into a modern-day Sodom, God forbid.


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Rabbi Yehuda Levin is a longtime Torah pro-family activist. He hosts Levin@11, Thursday evenings, on 620 WSNR AM radio; episodes are also available on YouTube. He can be reached at