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There is a massive campaign going on right now – a campaign that is deadly and vicious, filled with hatred and lies.

And it’s not just the campaign by the terrorists in Gaza, but a wider worldwide campaign against Israel, Jews and the truth itself.


What we are seeing in the media is a narrative being weaved devoid of logic and common sense and facts – replacing what is real with a distorted and twisted and perverted version of reality that is drummed into people’s heads so strongly that these lies have become the truth, and evil, rather than being condemned, is being hailed as a victim.

But this is not a surprise, of course – this idea of somehow equating the democratic country of Israel with a bunch of terrorist thugs. It is exactly how much of the world operates against the Jewish state and has done so for a very long time. We see it on interviews where Israel is accused of attacking civilians. We see it in statements made by terrorist supporting US senators. We see it in corrupt organizations like Humans Rights Watch who don’t even pretend to hide their hatred for the Jewish State.

The standard that is applied to Israel is ludicrous and beyond comprehension of any logical reasoning. Jews or Israel supporters are often accused of playing the ‘antisemitism’ card when people are critical of the Jewish state. Yet what exactly would you call it when the one Jewish state on earth is held to standards that are not applied to any other country on earth – standards that are not even achievable?

Somehow the Jew must be treated differently to every other being on the planet.

Israel is accused of firing indiscriminately on innocent civilians in Gaza, yet this is just another blood libel that much of the world media don’t even pretend to dispute, but simply accept, because it suits their narrative of Israel being ‘the bad guy.” But if Israel truly did fire indiscriminately against civilians in Gaza, you would not see hundreds of people dying, but thousands or even tens of thousands – something that was very obvious in Russia’s campaign in Chechnya or the US and NATO campaign in Afghanistan.

What the Israeli army does to avoid innocent life being lost is unprecedented. There is no other army on earth that goes to the level Israel does to warn people, including their enemies, of where they intend to hit. But when innocent life is sadly lost, it is not the Hamas terrorists that are being blamed for firing from within civilian homes, but the Israeli army – an army that is acting with unbelievable restraint in an effort to prevent those rockets from bringing death on Israeli citizens. It is shameful that Israel and not Hamas is being blamed for that.

And when countries say that ‘Israel has a right to defend itself,’ it is at best a nonsensical statement and while we do appreciate the sentiment, it is not something that should have to be actively stated, because it’s so obvious. In fact it is the overwhelming priority of any government on earth to defend its citizens – yet in the case of Israel, it somehow has to be stated.

So let’s be clear on this:

Israel does not require the permission of anyone to defend its citizens in what is its most basic obligation – the same as any state and Israel is simply fulfilling that obligation. Anyone who says differently is both morally bankrupt and intellectually blind.
Those who criticise her for fighting back against rocket attacks should ask themselves what exactly should Israel do?

Should it lie back and allow thousands of rockets to rain down on its citizens? Would America do that if Mexico attacked them? Would Russia do that? Would England do that? Would Australia? Would Ireland?

Would any other country on earth allow their citizens to be at the mercy of terrorists rockets while they did nothing?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Of course it is tragic that innocent people are dying in Gaza and to see children in distress and families killed is not something that any person with a heart is not moved by, but the reality is that any death of both Israelis and Arabs is completely and utterly the fault of Hamas.
It is they who are firing rockets from apartment buildings and schools. It is they that are endangering their citizens by setting up rocket launchers in hospitals. It is they that are failing to fulfil the most basic objectives of protecting their people by purposely and maliciously and wickedly endangering them instead.

Hiding behind civilians and launching indiscriminate attacks on innocent people are war crimes and is they who are responsible for every single death that is occurring.

The media who like to shout words like ‘de-escalation’ and ‘disproportionate response’ should be asking them these questions.

How exactly are they protecting their citizens when they launch thousands of rockets against innocent Israelis – many which fall into their own territory and ending up killing their own people?

And why should they be complaining about not having bomb shelters when they have spent the enormous amounts of money given to them by the international communities – not for healthcare and for hospitals and schools – but rather for rockets and for tunnels and for the unrelenting construction of infrastructure designed to kill rather than heal. To destroy rather than build.

Just a few short months ago, the international community complained falsely about Israel not helping the Arabs with COVID vaccines – but where are those same critics now, complaining about how the terrorist leaders have spent their money on industries of hate instead?

All those critics who complain about ‘disproportionate force’ are hypocrites of the highest order, because wars are not fought with a spreadsheet that does calculations. It never has been. Was it proportionate when the allies dropped almost 4000 tonnes of high explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city of Dresden in World War 2, killing 25000 people? Was it proportionate when the so-called ‘Coalition of the willing’ invaded Iraq – with their vastly more technological superiority?

This ridiculous concept of ‘disproportionate’ warfare is only ever used to describe Israel’s action, because in the mind of Israel’s critics, it’s not entitled to the same rights as other countries in defence of their citizens.

It’s clear what much of the world wants from Israel – a state that will allow itself to be overrun with terrorists. A country that sits idly by while it is attacked by those seeking its destruction. A nation that does not defend itself, but meekly stands by while others try to rip it apart.

It is fortunate then that the Jews are known as a stiff-necked stubborn people, because what the world wants from Israel will soundly and resolutely be ignored.


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Justin Amler is a noted South African born, Australia-based writer and commentator on international issues.