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We must have the moral courage to not only defend and protect our people like our first Zeide did, but not to become like our enemies. We are rachmonim bnei rachmonim and must walk a difficult line between defending ourselves and yet preserving life whenever possible.

With prayers for the immediate and ultimate redemption with true peace for all people now!


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Chabad at Dartmouth, a division of Lubavitch of New Hampshire, under the direction of Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky, provides social, educational, recreational and religious programming for students and faculty.



State Capital: Concord

State Nickname: The Granite State

State Motto: Live free or die

State Flower: Purple Lilac

State Bird: Purple Finch

First Shuls: Temple Adath Yeshurun of Manchester, founded in 1891, is the oldest synagogue in New Hampshire.

Temple Israel, first permanent Jewish house of worship in New Hampshire, Portsmouth, 1910




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Rabbi Moshe Leib and his wife Chani Gray moved to Dartmouth, New Hampshire in 2003. Rabbi Gray grew up in Seattle and has lived in England, Israel, Canada and the United States. Rebbetzin Chani was born in Buffalo and grew up in Pittsburgh. They have five children: Mendel, Lieba, Tzvi Yehuda AKA TY, Rochel Leah and Alta.