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Rabbi Shlomo Korach was the oldest of the rabbis of Yemen. He was born in Tzan’a and for decades taught in Israel until his passing Monday at the age of 84. In one of his commentaries on this week’s parshah, he shares the following fascinating thought about educating children:

“The first man, Adam, whose greatness is unfathomable, nevertheless raised Cain, the first murderer. In contrast, Terach, who was an idol worshiper, raised Avraham, the founder of our nation and the one who established faith in One G-d. How can this be?


“In the home of Adam, the first man, there was a spiritual descent. Its members turned to materialism and lust, to the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. In addition, it was a home in which people did not admit to the truth. When Adam and Eve were caught after the sin, they blamed each other instead of admitting the truth. When a child grows up in such an atmosphere [he may become a Cain].

“In contrast, Terach worshiped idols all his life, but he searched for the truth and, at the end of his days, reached it. From a home in which people search for truth – even if they haven’t yet found it – an Avraham can emerge.

“Especially in our generation, it’s important to show young people how important the truth is in the home – admitting the truth and striving towards proper things.”


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