Walking Into Freedom – Every Day

We are supposed to prepare for the 14th of Nissan, the day of the Exodus from Egypt. To study the holiday, to go through the Haggadah and, mainly, to go forth into freedom ourselves.

Amalekite Perfectionism

Haman has oceans of honor but he’s lacking one drop. Everyone bows down to him, but he needs Mordechai to bow down, too. If not, all the honor he has received means nothing.

It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

He had the vision to see how his seemingly ordinary activity would create something big and important.

A Tip For Living A Long Life

If you honor and esteem the values of your parents, you will merit long life since you will then have created a bridge between the past and the future and they will unite without interruption.

Get To Know Your Grandparents

Many family members of those who died from the pandemic speak of having missed out where their departed loved one is concerned. Nehora did not miss out.

When Revolution Reigns Outside

In the days of radical change and revolution, everyone is swept outside. Private matters are pushed off, family life does not merit any attention, no one thinks it’s time to invest in the home.

Hearing Another’s Cry

In the parshah we just read, G-d says to Moshe Rabbeinu: 'And I, too, heard the groans of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians are holding in bondage, and I remembered My covenant.'

Advice From Rav Hirsch and Rabbanit Mizrahi

Advice for this stressful time: Rav Shlomo Wolbe said that we should pray at the start of the day over crises that we know will come.

From Moshe To Moshe

Moshe (which means "drawn out”) was drawn out of the water and he in turn drew the people out of the depths of slavery and ignorance into a life of freedom and Torah.

Wise Marriage Advice

Judaism sees marriage differently. Married life is a microcosm of human interaction in the world at large. Marriage is the best school for learning the laws of human relationships.

What Image Comes To Our Children’s Mind?

In a moment of crisis and doubt, Yosef is reminded of his father and mother, of their values, their home, and the moral compass they represent.

Falling Sick Days Before Your Wedding

My necessary suffering was clear: postponing the wedding, entering isolation, placing my relatives in isolation, treating the headaches and other corona symptoms that had begun to appear. Despite all of this, I had to cope. That was clear.

Necessary Vs. Unnecessary Suffering

To our dismay, the pandemic is a fact. But it’s not necessary that we become addicted to screens, to eating junk food, to wasting time, to cutting social ties, to sinking into pessimism. The pandemic doesn’t exempt us from decisions on how to behave.

My Favorite Verse

The revolution of Yitzchak is different – not to rebel, but to toe the line, to continue the tradition, to dig the same wells.

Stay Focused – A Tip From Angels

If we are learning Torah at a particular moment, then that is our mission at that moment, without allowance for any distractions.

Can’t Move, But Happier Than Ever Before

In light of the fact that 25 years ago the doctors predicted that I would live only 3-5 years, I am glad to still be alive.

How Can You Change?

The single good character trait is our continued attempt at self-improvement, the attempt to elevate morality over nature.

You Can Always Give

After months of running away from the world, he could breathe a sigh of relief, of satisfaction and even joy.

What’s Your Ark?

"Even when flood waters are raging all around us and everything looks bleak, there is a Noah's ark that can save us. When a person feels low and downcast, the best advice is: 'Make yourself into an ark' (Genesis 6:14).

Forget The Past

The most important time of life is the present moment since the past is gone and, as for the future -- who knows what it will bring?

Our New Mission

This is the time for one-to-one relationships. Life is no longer a matter of quantity, but of quality.

With Pride Comes Peace

Say thank you for all that you have, for the tremendous abundance in your life that cannot be taken for granted in any way.

It’s Not All About Us

I took counsel with my grandfather who has already passed away and with my grandchild who has not yet been born.

Sneaking Into A Soccer Stadium

This is a big atonement for me. My conscience was tormented. The purpose in my publication of this story is to set an example for our youth that they should not steal.

Uman Is Not About Parties

For some people, Uman is the ultimate dream. They also deserve our empathy and should not be mocked or denigrated.

Dying At Home, Alone

Just as there are people who need food, there are people who need to be noticed - now more than ever.

Living Amidst Plenty

The true challenge of our lives, as described in Sefer Devarim, is living with prosperity – in a society where everything is abundantly available.

Want To Be Happy?

Happiness comes when we leave the "I" and enter the "We." There is giving and no taking.

Advice From Moshe

It's always possible to ask forgiveness and to forgive, and to begin anew.

We Don’t Even Realize What We’re Missing

We are like poor people who do not know they are poor and how rich they could be.


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