Does Anyone Care About Privacy Anymore?

Each tent faced a different direction so that no one could see into the tent of anyone else.

Lies Never Win

Korach was the hero of the hour. His ratings and the spirit of the times were on his side.

Idleness Is Deadly

The nation had nothing to do. There was no mission to accomplish, no sense of urgency, and about this our sages wrote: "Idleness leads to boredeom and boredom leads to sin."

Just Follow Hashem’s Lead

Sometimes we set up camp for a short period of time and other times for a much longer period.

The Day After

The Torah offers us something new: learning for the sake of learning. In the world of competition this is something exceptional.

From The Virus To Mount Sinai

We did not huddle together because of Pharaoh or the Egyptians or the Nazis or any other threat.

When It All Depends On You

Each individual felt less responsibility for completing the minyan, felt someone else would take his place, and simply excused himself from showing up.

Why Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai?

Most of us don’t understand the Torah of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai at all, but we understand that there is something there, that there is a greater unseen depth to life.

What Are Children Learning?

Our children have learned how to maintain a connection with grandma and grandpa without hugs, how to manage with their brothers and sisters when cooped up in isolation, and how to follow new rules that changed their lives.

The Kohen Gadol: Alone And Not Alone

The high priest is alone. It is forbidden for anyone to be with him, but it is precisely because of this restriction that his power is so great.

What Kind Of Pesach Is This?

So what are we getting out of Pesach this year? Pesach itself. In this strange and difficult time, we are left with Pesach itself. With the festival of freedom.

On Nechama Leibowitz’s Yahrzeit

The lecturer said he understood her message to him – that in her classes the objective was not to demonstrate how much she knew (and she knew a lot), but to teach the public.

What Makes Shabbos Different These Days?

It appears that our mission this Shabbat is to bring the holiness of the synagogue - now standing empty - into the living room and the kitchen.

Stuck At Home

coronavirus has given all of us homework

The Coronavirus: Embracing Uncertainty

“All of us are presently learning a course in ‘How to live with uncertainty.’ From my experience, to succeed in this course you need to open your heart to embrace the unexpected.

Three Lessons From The Coronavirus

Humanity today has received an abundance of life and health as an incredible gift. But does it properly take advantage of this blessing?

On Thunder And Apples

“We cannot keep the thunder and lightning of Sinai with us, but we can take the spirit of Sinai and incorporate it into mitzvoth – whether we are at the market, at home, in the bank or the car.

Don’t Stop At Hearing

Only Yisro went deeper into what this all meant to him. He didn’t just hear – he changed.

Just Do It

“The Torah, though, is not just telling us about Pharaoh; it’s also telling us about ourselves. In every one of us, a little Pharaoh is hiding who knows exactly what needs to be done but doesn’t do it.

Moshe, The Stutterer

"Moshe's life is inspiring and reassuring to children with learning disabilities and to their parents

Some Leadership Lessons From Moshe

We do not expect those elected to be Moshe Rabbeinu. Still, the parshi’ot that will accompany the election campaign in the weeks ahead should remind us of how, ideally, those in leadership roles should conduct themselves.

The Siyum HaShas

It’s difficult to describe an event of this magnitude in words. But I’ll share a few highlights...

Moving Forward

Is it better to complain, seek revenge, and hold a grudge? Or is it better to find a blessing within the curse?

Heroic Driving

In overcoming our impatience on the road, we perform a truly heroic act.

Tanya – Three Truths

Here are three crucial truths from Tanya, the fundamental text that Chabad chassidim study in its entirety every year, concluding it on the 19th of Kislev:

On The Wings Of A Dream

Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz emphasized again and again when he taught this parshah that Yaakov moving the massive stone from the well was not a miracle. Yet, it was not a matter of physical strength either. It was a matter of heart and faith.

What Is A Woman’s Purpose?

Rachel only related to one purpose, that of giving birth, and ignored the second purpose – to learn, to become worldly wise and pious and, in the process, to bring more goodness into the world.

How Can We Sully Our Souls?

Rabbeinu Yonah, who passed away 756 years ago this week, wrote prolifically from the city of Girona, in medieval Spain, about repentance and self-improvement.


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