The Meanings Of Sacrifice

Shabbat does not only last 25 hours; Shabbat reverberates throughout the entire week and is meant to favorably influence our six days of work and other activities.

To Look Beneath The Surface

It would appear that we are hopelessly divided, especially at this time. But things are not always as they seem.

Five Aspects Of The 7th Of Adar

It’s enough to look at the picture of Hallel Menachem and Yagel Ya’akov Yaniv in order to appreciate the immensity of this loss. You see the sweetness and goodness that radiates from their faces.

On Being There, And Nowhere Else

Where are you right now? And, wherever that is, are you truly present with all your being? In the Torah portion we just read on...

Thou Shalt Not Murder

Some things are hard to accept. The world is supposed to be a good place, mostly wholesome and happy. Yet there are evil acts that ruin everything.

What Do We Do About What We Hear?

Vast amounts of information compete for our attention. Every day we are subjected to a glut of news, but how many of us are moved by any of it to do something?

Terror, Shabbat, and Consolation

Even the world press spoke differently of this terrorist attack and explained what Shabbat is all about.


When we look around at the trees and flowers in our land, we should not take what we see for granted. Shevat is not only a month of blossoming and renewed growth, but the realization of a dream that persisted throughout the generations.

A Rabbi, A Disability, An Inspiration

When G-d takes something from the body, he gives something else in its place. True, I am physically disabled, but I learn quickly and my memory is very good.

What Are These Jewish Artifacts Telling Us?

They are telling us something about special sights and sounds, flavors and fragrances, about tradition and family, about identity and longing, about an attempt at destruction and the triumph of the living.

How Checking The Kashrut Of Chewing Gum Helped Him Find A Partner For Life

How do we want to live our lives? Now that Hanukkah is over, the routine of work, study, and winter begins.

Kiel, Germany: When Light Dispels Darkness

The city of Kiel is full of pictures of the menorah and everyone here is excited about its return We have been interviewed by the New York Times, the Guardian, and other media outlets, and now feel that this story is much bigger than us.

Four Times Unworthy

It's important for us to acknowledge that every baby born is a magnificent miracle, not only quadruplet babies.

Not Fleeing From Trouble, But Going Towards A Glorious Future

This outlook of looking forward to the future with a sense of purpose is worthwhile to adopt in our personal and national lives.

How Much Do You Sleep?

The second project is 'A Home for Life.' It was established a little more than a year ago. This is a home for girls with special needs. They integrate into the community as they acquire life skills and learn how to live independently.

A Taste Of Eternity

Last week marks two years since the passing of Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and one of the most eminent Jewish voices of our generation.

Leaving Marks That Last A Lifetime

We learn not only from classes and lectures; we educate ourselves through internalized experiences and events.

Five Items Regarding The Chofetz Chaim

In his merit, and to our benefit, let's try to work on speaking less lashon hara.

Flexibility And The Iron Man

It's important to recognize that this kind of competition involves a serious investment of time.

Tallit Bag That Came Back From The War

Or told her that in Judaism it is appropriate to say a blessing upon meeting a king or queen. He asked her if he could make the blessing and she agreed.

Searching Our Souls, Finding The Goodness Within

The biggest failure is to ignore failure. My approach is that failure guides me.

Thoughts For The End Of The Summer

Nearly every connection can be severed. A friendship can fade away, a marriage can end in divorce, a contract can be breached – but the ties between parents and children can never be undone.

In His Memory

We must believe and know with absolute certainty that ultimately everything will turn out well, the rabbi proclaimed.

A Prayer Regarding Politics And The News

Make a portion of your Torah a part of me so that I do not waste my time reading articles and hearing analysis based on guesses and futile evaluations that pop up all of a sudden and are just as quickly proven wrong.

What Do We Learn From Rashi?

One of the things he said that really moved me was this: 'Do you know what is so beautiful in all of this? That you seem so free and are having so much fun'.

What Are Our Priorities?

The special connection between the six days of the week and Shabbat goes both ways. Shabbat, too, is influenced by the content of our week.

Five Facts About The Life Of Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar

Most of you never heard of Kurt Rothschild who passed away last week at the age of 101, but it is reasonable to assume that most of you benefited from him in some way.

The Daily Chase

Without a regular lesson, without a study partner (because of the schedule in the unit that changes constantly), Noam looked for a slot of free time every day.

The Shallow Brook We Dare Not Cross

It would seem that the problem was not in the stream but in the people. The Children of Israel disparaged the Land of Israel through the negative report of the spies and they had still not rectified this sin.

Malachi’s Friends

In the Torah portions that we are currently reading, it is noted time and again that as soon as the people arrived at a new place, they immediately erected the Mishkan, the people's spiritual center and beating heart.


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