Leaving Egypt

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook wrote: Leaving Egypt will forever represent spring for the entire world.

Wanted: Flexibility

The difference between the righteous and the wicked is in the longevity of positive passing thoughts.

Missing Out On Life’s Great Opportunities?

Do we grant ourselves time "to pause, look around, and consider" in order not to miss the announcement that redemption is coming, so that we can adjust the direction in which we are headed accordingly?


Ever since the funeral, thousands of people began to perform wonderful deeds in her memory – from distributing Shabbat candles and challahs throughout New York City to holding large havdalah gatherings for passersby in Jewish neighborhoods.

The Hasmoneans Of Our Generation

All they knew about her was that she was an older immigrant from the former Soviet Union. And then they discovered who she was: Ruth Alexandrovich, the famous prisoner of Zion.

Chanukah Thoughts From A Gadol

They sing a little, eat a little something, but fail to see what the holiday is teaching us: It's about the power of individuals and the power of faith.

In Memory Of Eliyahu David Kay, z”l

Several days ago, Eliyahu told a friend that after years in the army, in yeshiva, and in agriculture, he felt that when working at the Kotel he was completely living his dream.

An Idea To Handle With Care

This Torah portion offers us a yearly reminder: We need to check if people in the public eye are everything they seem to be

It’s Never Too Late To Find Out Who You Are

After 80 years, I finally know who I am and who my family members are, he said yesterday when he met his cousin in the city of Modi'in.

The Question Rabbi Sacks Was Asked The Most

Rabbi Sacks once said that he lectured hundreds of times a year, met thousands of people every month, and spoke constantly with people of every type throughout the world. Which question, do you suppose, was he asked most often?

The Message Of Tefillin – For Old And Young

When a Jew of any age or condition begins his day with tefillin, he takes the two most important forces in life and points them in the right direction.

What Real Education Is All About

We are accustomed to talk about our difficulties and hardships, but not to share our deliverance from them.

Reflection On Sukkot

When we examine the lives of the fathers of our nation, we see that they had to continually confront challenges and crises.

To Widen Our Embrace

You must tell yourselves: I am not my pain. I feel pain, but it alone does not define who I am.

The School Year Begins…

It's not about if you will do what your parents ask, but how you will do it. It's not about if you will pray and keep Shabbat, but how.

Selichot: When Optimists Meet

Selichot prayers are attended by optimistic people, people who believe that it's possible to change ourselves and the world around us.


Do you know how to be thankful for what you have and to rejoice in it?

Shmittah (the Sabbatical Year) Is Coming!

Exactly like Shabbat that arrives every seven days, the shmittah arrives every seven years and is meant to calm, refresh, and restart the entire economy

The 40-Day Challenge Begins

We too can access the powerful potential of these days – from the 1st of Elul to the 10th of Tishrei – and resolve to work on a specific area: from marriage, education of our children, learning, prayer, and character refinement to the relationship we have with our cell phone.

Shabbat: A Break From Living Twice As Fast

Patience, listening, concentration, waiting patiently, the capacity to be here and now and not to run ahead, the ability to fully experience the moment – all of these are significantly diminished in the digital age., But Shabbat..

‘Be Extremely Protective Of Your Lives’

If we were so concerned about every patient on a ventilator, scrupulously counted every coronavirus patient and victim, and carefully adhered to social distancing and wearing masks – how could this pandemic not have taught us to have greater appreciation for life under all circumstances?

What Did Omri Casspi Tell Me?

At some point, I stopped and said to myself: 'Wait a minute, what is going on with me?' I felt a sense of obligation and began thinking: I represent something, but I know nothing about what I represent.

Happy 110th Birthday

Apparently, she is the oldest woman in Israel. So we came to celebrate with her, with the aunt who always fascinated us with stories about the pioneers, the different waves of immigration, and the beginning of modern settlement in our land.

Kneeling For The Mother Of 12

When grandmother grew up and had children of her own, another chapter of self-sacrifice began.

What I Learned At A ‘Defeat Party’

The road to any success is no less important than the success itself.

A Letter From America

Four million people died worldwide, and despite everything, somewhere in New York City, a secretary at Yeshiva Darchei Torah was looking for the address of a family in Israel to return the small sum they paid for lunches.

A Lesson From Mrs. Gafner

Even at the height of personal anguish it's still possible to demonstrate such sensitivity.

Better Late Than Never

Because of the War of Independence and establishment of the state, the event was postponed and never took place. My grandmother would always say that she somehow felt that her life was missing something.

Take Heed

Rashi explains that the Torah coupled these two incidents together on purpose, in order for us to notice that the spies saw what happened to Miriam, but did not learn a lesson from it. In his words: "And these wicked people witnessed it, but did not learn their lesson."

Jews Of Silence

When my father visited Russia, Jews there asked him: 'How many are marching for us in America?' He was embarrassed to tell them how few there were.


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