The Ten Commandments – More Relevant Than Ever

A Jewish student from MIT visiting Israel told me, after describing the hypocritical protests on behalf of Hamas that took place on her campus: What our world needs the most now is faith, vision, and a clear moral compass.

Heroic Moments

May you and all the wounded have a speedy and complete recovery, Michael. We can only imagine how many wonderful heroic acts like this are taking place each day in rehabilitation clinics throughout Israel.

A Few Words Apropos The Wedding Season That Begins Now

The UN security council stood for a moment of silence in his memory. What exactly were they thinking about during that moment of silence, which was also observed by the U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the UN?

Yom HaZikaron For The Fallen Soldiers Of Israel And Victims Of Terror: Let The...

In a Tel Aviv train station, I stood looking at the stickers on the walls. A common theme emerging from these stickers? The importance of remembering to smile.

One Family

This past week in Israel we marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. Only three years following the extermination of one-third of our people, the Jewish nation rose from the ashes of the camps to declare an independent state. Such a revival needs to be our focus at the present time.

A Picture Of Consolation And Renewal

This is the skyline of Sderot today. We are building and winning and being renewed.

What Will We Take With Us From Purim?

Esther wore royalty. When she acted with self-confidence, with true conviction and devotion to her people and to G-d – everything began to fall into place and to turn around for the good.

Jerusalem Consoles

I saw in the eyes of the mourners how Jerusalem consoles. One of the grieving fathers left the Kotel tunnels in tears and said: I connected with all of our past and all of our future and to the historic task of our family within all of this.

Have You Heard Of David Magerman?

The time has come for us to make aliyah. I’ve already purchased a home in Israel. I did not merit for my children to be born there, but I do hope that my grandchildren will.

The Request Of A Soldier Who Lost A Leg

Let us hope that children from Be’eri, Sderot, and Kfar Aza can gain strength from his story. This is not only a personal story of Yisrael, the orphaned child. This is the story of the nation of Israel.

True Beauty

The Mishkan’s construction is described at length, down to the finest detail. What, in fact, is the importance of these small details?

And Your Children Will Return To Their Borders

They are a reminder that everything can suddenly be turned upside down – and turn out for the best.

Outstanding Evaluations For Outstanding Children

One example of the special evaluations that school children in Israel have received in recent days is a Certificate of Heroism.

Soldier Learns the Entire Tanach in 100 Days

He related that when he was called up for reserve duty, he tried to think of something that would be spiritually fulfilling, and decided that whenever he’d have some spare time, he’d study Tanach with the commentary of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

How Are You?

This is not only about resiliency or a return to the routine of daily life and normal functioning. It is rather growth as a direct, beneficial consequence of the trauma itself.

He Gave His Kidney, And Then He Gave His Life

For six years I underwent dialysis until he arrived and saved me.

To Dream

It seems that we are living in a dream world. Reality is more outlandish than anything imaginable.

Creating A World With Words

It is therefore always a good idea to put a time limit on our negative emotions. Instead of just saying, 'It's very hard for me,' say 'It's very hard for me right now.'

Total Devotion: An Extended Yom Kippur Fast In Auschwitz

It's the story of two girls in Auschwitz who wanted to fast on Yom Kippur (even though according to halacha or Jewish law they were not, of course, required to do so).

Happiest Days Of The Year

Moshe relates that people are now coming into the store to talk about the sign, but not to seek an apology.

Ishay Ribo’s Success Belongs To Us All

This night proved that Judaism does not belong only to grandma, but also to her grandchildren.

2 Friends, 42 Years Of Daily Talmud Study

The two friends have been studying together every day for 42 years and are completing the Talmud for the sixth time.

A Kindergarten Teacher Who Fell In The Line Of Duty

Just as there are grieving parents and siblings after someone is killed, in this case there are grieving children – those who will start the school year without their beloved preschool teacher.

Renew Yourself

Have you ever thought about the hobby of the guy who cleans your street? Or his dreams? The city of Akko – as reported by journalist Yair Kraus – has put up new signs which make its sanitation workers into stars.

The Inspiring Filter Of The Land Of Israel

All of us can identify with one or more of the following scenarios: next to our bed, a pile of books that we began but didn't finish; a computer screen full of open web page tabs scrunched together at the top of the screen...

Be Good

Here is some practical advice regarding our current period of mourning as we approach Tisha B'Av.


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