Photo Credit: Jewish Press

This week, we commemorated 83 years since the passing of Rav Kook. In recent years, the song “Wings of Spirit” – whose lyrics were written by him – has become very popular in Israel.

But where did these powerful words come from? What are their full context? Apparently, these words appear in Orot HaKodesh in a passage that is very appropriate for the days of Elul.


Here is the moving passage (which should perhaps be turned into a song too):

“Man, observe the light of the divine presence that pervades the whole universe… Contemplate the wonders of creation and the divine life that is in them… Know yourself, and your world; know the meditations of your heart, and of every thinker; find the source of the life which is within you, and of the life which is above you, and around you, the glorious splendor of life in which you exist.

“The love that is within you – elevate it to the root of its potency… Ascend towards the heights, ascend! For you have mighty power. You have wings of spirit, wings of mighty eagles. Do not forsake them, lest they forsake you. Seek them, and they will find you immediately.”

And the title of this passage is: “A call for sublime observation.” May we merit that.