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Vol. LXVII No. 16 5776

New York City
April 15, 2016 – 7 Nissan 5776
7:17 p.m. NYC E.D.T.


Sabbath Ends: 8:20 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sabbath Ends: Rabbenu Tam 8:49 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Weekly Reading: Metzora
Weekly Haftara: V’arva La’Shem (Malachi 3:4-24)
Daf Yomi: Kidushin 35
Mishna Yomit: Berachos 6:2-3
Halacha Yomit: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 191:6 – 192:4
Rambam Yomi: Hilchos Beis Ha’Bechira chap. 5-7
Earliest Time for Tallis and Tefillin: 5:24 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunrise: 6:16 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Latest Kerias Shema: 9:36 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunset: 7:35 p.m. NYC E.D.T.


This Sabbath is Shabbos HaGadol. Many congregations say the Yotzros of Shabbos HaGadol in the Reader’s repetition of the Shacharis Amida. All tefillos are as usual. Though the reading of the Parasha is Metzora the Haftara is for Shabbos Hagadol in Malachi (V’arva La’Shem). We do not say Av Harachamim or Hazkaras Neshamos. It is customary to recite this Shabbos afternoon the Haggadah from “Avadim hayyinu” until “lechapper al kol avonoseinu.” It is a Minhag Yisrael that the Rav delivers a special sermon this Shabbos, the Shabbos HaGadol Derasha, combining Halacha and Aggada as they relate to the laws of Pesach.

On Motza’ei Shabbos at the conclusion of Maariv we do say Viy’hi No’am and Ve’ata Kadosh (according to the view of Rav Henkin – Aruch Hashulchan and Mishneh Berura citing Sha’arei Teshuva and Pri Megadim, others – Taz opine that since erev Pesach after Chatzos we are not permitted to do any melacha, that we do not say).

As Pesach commences next Friday evening, we search for chametz, this coming, Thursday evening. We put aside the chametz for the following day when it will be burnt. Friday, Erev Pesach – see next week’s luach.


The following chapters of Tehillim are being recited by many congregations and Yeshivos for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael: Chapter 83, 130, 142. –Y.K.


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Rabbi Yaakov Klass is Rav of K’hal Bnei Matisyahu in Flatbush; Torah Editor of The Jewish Press; and Presidium Chairman, Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim.