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The Temple Mount Sifting Project

Hidden away in the valley of Tzurim, below the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus is an amazing Israel experience.

In this national park, one can participate in one of the most incredible archaeological experiences in the world, sifting through the soil and rubble to uncover hidden treasures and antiquities from the ancient Jewish Temple.


Between 1999 – 2000, the Islamic Waqf unilaterally decided to bulldoze the southern corner of the Temple Mount, and unceremoniously dumped all its (Jewish) archaeological treasures into the Kidron Valley. Some 400 truckloads of soil were illegally excavated from the Temple Mount in this archaeological crime.

In 2004, the soil and its contents were rescued, and now there is an ongoing project to sift through it all and find the hidden treasures from the ancient Jewish Temple.

Some of the finds include thousands of coins, a stamp from the First Temple with the family name of one of the priests, jewely, and much more.

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is an activity the whole family can participate in.


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