Photo Credit: T.O.T.

I found this picture on the T.O.T. blog, with no context: Hershel Schreiber B&H owner STOP.

I would be delighted to get your feedback. I kinda suspect that, being a Satmat Chassid, the demand may have to do with the Internet—seeing as B&H is one of the most successful electronics stores in America. But I could be so off the mark, which means I need the kind of information here that only a Haredi guy from a particular section of Williamsburg can provide.


BTW, I looked up what B&H stands for, take your pick:

Blimi & Hershel – Blimi is the founder’s wife, and I guess the two of them started the business together when they were very young. Hershel’s business partner, I’m told, is Sam Goldstein, but they still didn’t make it S&H.

Beards & Hats – Most of the guys working at B&H are Haredim. It’s actually funny to watch them running about in their kelly green aprons, like frum elves.

Black & Hats – See Beards & Hats.

B(oruch) & H(ashem) – this one was probably suggested by a BT.

QAnyway, do let me know why these nice gentlemen are so angry, and what is it they want the B&H owner to stop?