Rebbetzin Gail Michalowicz is the rebbetzin of the Westmount Shul and Learning Center in the Thornhill Jewish Community of Toronto. She talks to us about the astounding parallels between exercise and Torah. Just like we have a personal trainer at the gym to help us workout our bodies, Hashem is the personal trainer of our soul. Just like the trainer at the gym starts us off using lighter weights and fewer exercise repetitions, Hashem starts us off with small challenges until our spiritual muscles strengthen and then He gives us harder challenges to make us stronger internally. Rebbetzin Gail emphasizes that we need to have a healthy body so that our soul can do its job.

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Vera Kessler is a wife and mother of three children whose goal in life is to inspire Jewish women to live their lives with meaning and a strong connection to Hashem. As a vehicle for this mission, she created the America's Top Rebbetzins podcast, where she interviews inspiring rebbetzins who share their words of wisdom and unique insights on living a life filled with clarity and purpose.