Rebbetzin Gila Ross is a certified parent educator who blends the latest research together with Jewish wisdom to help parents develop strong relationships and bring out the best in their teens!
In this engaging interview, Rebbetzin Gila offers practical answers to tough parenting questions. She addresses what to do when teens show chutzpah or are non-compliant. She talks about communicating with your kids and how to develop relationships with them. By developing a strong relationship with our teens, through engaging them in conversation at times that work for THEM, we create a safe and easy forum for teens to open up to us.
Rebbetzin Gila also speaks about what to do when your teen engages in risky behavior.
We are given amazing strategies to deal with our teens’ emotional outbursts and chaotic inner turmoil. We need to recognize our own emotions and regulate them so that we can model proper behavior to our children. We also need to show them how to set boundaries by setting our own boundaries and protecting them. Lots of amazing and helpful parenting information in this interview!

To contact Rebbetzin Gila Ross directly, please email her at [email protected]

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