What do 250 people with 18,000 years of cumulative life experience know about money?

Doug Goldstein, CFP®, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Dr. John Izzo, author of The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, discuss the answer to the question “Does money make people happy?”


After interviewing senior citizens with significant life experience. Dr. Izzo shares his research and the one underlying fact he found: your internal mindset about money impacts your happiness more than the value of your bank account. Can you learn to look at money “properly?”

There are 7 ways a person can handle their money.

There are many ways to look at and manage your finances. Doug shares a list he created for people wanting to handle their finances themselves. Whatever way you choose to look at your finances, make sure you and your significant other are in agreement. If you choose to handle your money yourself, make sure to download the list of tips you need to know – download the list at the show notes of today’s episode. http://goldsteinongelt.com/personal-finance/financial-stability-bring-happiness

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