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Do you look at the news and think that the world is in crisis? How should you invest when things are looking tough around you?

First, it is essential to break down your goals into short-, medium- and long-term investments. It is important to understand that short-term investments should be held in a less risky portfolio, and the longer-term goals can be exposed to a riskier portfolio.


A way to use a crisis to your advantage maybe by trying to figure out what are the “bigger” costs to the crisis. For example, in the Russia-Ukraine war, perhaps investing in companies that build the airplanes or supply ammunition, or even looking further and investing in companies (or ETFs) that might be involved in building material for the countries that will need to re-build. Creative investors need to keep their eyes open and look for clever ways to invest.

During times of crisis, investors should keep in mind the size and power of who and what is in crisis. For instance, Russia is a huge country with lots of smart and hard-working citizens. Even if the economy is currently not booming, Russia probably is not disappearing any time soon.

People shouldn’t forget that the world keeps on moving forwards, and as history has shown, one day the world will move on from this war and focus on something else.

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