Photo Credit: Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri, Michael Lourie, Tzvi Lauren, Craig Dershowitz

On today’s show I am going to be speaking with Craig Dershowitz founder and director of an organization that has brought over 1000 artists to Israel. Their agenda is to support and heal individuals and towns that have been affected by terrorism and war. Members of this organization have already painted 800 wall murals around the country and in other places around the world. They are currently promoting 2 unique projects to help victims of violence. We will be speaking about their initiatives to cover body wounds of Terror victims with tattoos and so to allow the victims to reclaim their bodies and their dignity. We will discuss the sensitivity of the Jewish tradition towards body tattoos in face of special efforts that are made to help save lives.

I will also be speaking with a Jewish farmer in the heartland of Israel who grows olive oil and grapes for wine. Michael Lourie made Aliyah from Australia 30 years ago and today lives with his family and farms in a small Jewish town south of Jerusalem called Peni Kedem. We will speak about the amazing phenomenon of the return of the Jewish people to this land.


I will also be speaking with Tzvi Lauren who has established a wine distribution business in the United States. is dedicated to finding and making available the best wines from the heartland of Israel – Judea and Samaria. Tzvi will tell us how over the past 3 years this operation has grown and how the Jewish community and non Jewish supporters of Israel are there to appreciate fine Israeli wines coming from the mountains of Judea and Samaria.

A Hebrew In The Heartland 07Nov2017 – PODCAST