Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri, Lana Melman and Erik Selle.

Today David will be speaking with Hollywood liaison and expert of cultural boycott Lana Melman. She has launched a platform dedicated to confronting a well oiled campaign of harassment of artists and performers who wish to appear in Israel. The BDS has developed strategies to target artists and drag them into the anti-Israel debate, the goal of this campaign like all others BDS operations is to isolate Israel and apply foreign pressures on Israel’s decision makers in regard to the future of Judea and Samaria.

Read more about Lana Melman and Liberate Art at


Erik Selle from Norway was a recent guest on a informational tour of the Barkan Industrial Park in Shomron. He is a Christian with a heart for Israel. Over the past 17 years he has been organizing groups and events for Israel in Norway and in Africa. We will speak about the importance of bringing influancers to visit Judea and Samaria to see the facts on the ground and how that is making a difference for warriors for Israel around the world.

Learn more about Erik’s work at the Africa – Israel Initiative

A Hebrew In The Heartland 27 March2018 – PODCAST


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