Photo Credit: Moshe Herzlich, Tal Binyamin

Thank you to many listeners who called in or sent birthday wishes to our host David Ha’ivri.

Today David will be speaking with Root Source Co Founder Gidon Ariel who took part in early morning prayers at the Cave of the Machpelah in Hevron. He will share his special experience at the Musical Holiday Minyan at the Hall Of Yitzhak that is only accessible to Jews during the holidays. Other times during the year this holy place is closed off to Jews and only open to Muslim visitors. We will also hear about the special connection of the Jews to the city of Hevron whoes name comes from the Hebrew word Haver, friend.


Tal Binyamin is a Hilltop community in Shomron just west of the town of Kfar Tapuach. Some 15 families live here, but, the future of their homes is unclear after the court ruled that they will be demolished and can be rebuilt meters away. Residents have opened to town for a Pesach Family Festival during the holiday and call for the greater community to come out to show support and enjoy a full day of beautiful scenery and activity for the entire family. Learn more about their campaign and show your support here

A Hebrew In The Heartland 3April2018 – PODCAST

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