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What will happen to the innocents who worked with or for the West that are now scrambling, trying to escape Afghanistan? Will the Taliban take retribution?
How could the Biden administration get it so wrong, and how could it be that in 20 years, the U.S. could not defeat a bunch of rag-tag terrorists who had no air force, had no navy, and had less financial backing than the US? Why didn’t the Afghani military with 300,000 American trained soldiers, and an air force, fight back? Will there be reprisals by the Taliban, and what does it mean for the general population in terms of misogyny, forced marriages to Taliban fighters, and human slavery?
Why did the Left wing Biden administration want out of Afghanistan? Will this dissuade other countries from seeking to be an ally with the U.S., when America so easily turns its back on their ‘friends’?
Tamar speaks with Jerry Gordan, a Senior Editor at the New English Review. He’s also the author of, ‘The West Speaks’ and co author of ‘Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate threatens Africa and the World’. His significant articles cover a wide range of issues including Islamic Counterterrorism, military intelligence, military technology, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Muslim irredentism in China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. A very eye-opening show!


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