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The Great Reset. What is it, and how is the Global Left trying to implement it? Tamar Yonah speaks with Donna Rachel Edmunds, a British and Israeli Journalist who has also worked in the European Union. As a European, she wants to tell Americans and others in Western countries that communism and totalitarianism is now here, but more importantly, how we must fight this dangerous anti-freedom trend.

When the Berlin Wall was being built, the Soviets installed water cannons alongside the construction – not to keep the public away, but to knock down the wall if people started protesting in large numbers. But no-one protested, and so the wall was built.
America has already come under the control of a 21st century Communist regime. Big government and big business are working in tandem to create a digital prison for all formerly free people everywhere. The Great Reset is their end-game.
But they can only do this if we let them.
In this episode Tamar Yonah talks to journalist Donna Rachel Edmunds about the Communist takeover of the West, the Great Reset, and what we can do about it.
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