Photo Credit: Pixabay

This week we are joined by Zev Padway and David Friedman. David is a well known Kabbalistic artist here in the city of Tzfat. His gallery prior to the Coronavirus could see hundreds of visitors a day viewing the very colorful and graphic artwork based on the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation). Zev, another Tzfat resident and local entrepreneur came up with the idea of making David’s artwork into a Kabbalah coloring book. However, once they got started in turned into much more than just a simple coloring book. With the addition of Kabbalistic meditations, this turned into a book in and of itself with deep Kabbalistic concepts explained. This would make a great gift, an addition to the Shabbat table, or simply to keep you occupied and focused with some fun and deep learning thrown in.


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