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Walter’s: First ever programme to educate his listeners. Learn Why?

How: Bedouins are used as pawns and second class citizens by the Palestinian Authority.


Why: Our legal system, based on Ottoman, British, and Jordanian laws is confusing, outdated and discriminates against our Jewish citizens.

How: The EU, the European Union, finances, supplies and illegally erects housing structures for Bedouins, and threatens legal action if Israel would dare to remove them.

More About: The PA’s policy of inviting Bedouins to settle in strategic locations of area ‘C’ to establish facts on the ground in preparation for a Palestinian State and to hinder Jewish settlement.

Learn: About the Palestinian Authority’s flagship outpost of Khan al Ahmar and the long running government’s refusal to comply with time-table set by the Supreme Court order, to demolish or relocate it..

Also: More pro-Arab discrimination on farm land and grazing rights.

And : How the Gulf States realised the importance of Israel in the greater scheme of world politics and formed the Abraham Accords, that are widening slowly, leaving the “Palestinians” out in the cold, pondering their future.


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