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During: the period of British rule in America in the 1760’s and early 1770’s
the rallying cry was: ‘No taxation without representation’   Walter suggests
that this slogan should be adopted in Israel, because the citizens are ruled
by delegates from the parties instead of representatives voted by the
people. It’s time to drop the socialist system. Democracy is:  ‘Government
of the people, by the people and for the people’.
All About: The Illusions of America’s Jewish communities and their
erroneous belief that the remedy for increasing anti-Semitism are
community security organisations. Walter suggests that it is Aliyah.
Hear: Why there are calls to boycott the 50th anniversary event of the
MunicOlympic massacre. While Germany behaved exemplary to
compensate Holocaust survivors, they did not do so for the families of the
victims of the 1972 terrorist attack that Germany could have prevented.
We: Don’t need competition by commercial Kosher supervision
organisations. There is only one standard and the Rabbinate maintains it.
Has: The establishment tainted even the best of our MK’?
Why: The money Israel expends for Climate change  is better allocated to
reduce the cost of living, so long as China and Russia continue to produce
fossil fuels.
The: Carnage on Israel’s roads is due to inadequate driving instruction, We
only learn how to operate a car, not how to behave in traffic. Our very
effective Ministry of Transport must now turn to the qualifications of driving
What: Americans call a conservative synagogue is in England Reform. The
UK’s biggest reform Synagogue has adopted a policy allowing a child  of
a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother to be recognised as Jewish without
conversion. The thin end of the wedge!

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