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Political: Party policies delay establishment of government, but the last chance to scupper the ‘Government of Change’ has passed last Friday afternoon.

Detailed: Critique of the new government’s policies and Bennett’s betrayal of the voters. His lies and how he acts as a figleaf for the political left.


Which: Is more harmful to the fabric of our country, when the religious sector holds the balance of power or when that important power is in the hands of Mansour Abbas and the 4 seats of the Ra’am party? Shame on Bennett.

Why: Netanyahu cannot be counted out.

Advice and information: To the anti-Semites and Israel haters.

Hear: An important life lesson

How: The ‘Women Of The Wall’ fake religious devotion for political ends and cause disturbance at the Western Wall, that lead to fights.

News: From the UK, where anti-Semitism runs wild.

Plus: The University Debate that amazed everyone, because it did not torn out to be what it seemed.

And: More


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