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Israel: Finally voted for change and a government that has the mandate of the people to instate a right-wing policy, that will bring the country back to Zionism and a Jewish State.

While: The government is being formed, there is an opportunity to trim the number of ministries and their bureaucratic, over-staffed apparatus, who act as if the people are their servants. During my time in the UK, official letters were signed :”Your obedient servant”.


Also: In the UK they recognise an ambassador of non-existent Palestine! His pressure contributed to the UK Prime Minister’s UTurn of his intention to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

Last Shabbat: The Torah reading was Lech Lecha, the account of Abraham’s journey to what was to become our homeland.

Now Hear: The true story of a modern Lech Lecha.

Plus: Why we should not to pass judgement without knowing the facts.

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