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Israel Inspired: 34 Dead in Brussels – Are American Jews in Danger? [audio]

On this weeks Israel Inspired, as Ari returns from his tour in the US and Jeremy from Europe, they share their powerful experiences and the messages they imparted. How did American Jews react to hearing this uncomfortable message.

Israel Inspired: Politically Correct vs. Biblically Correct [audio]

This week on Israel Inspired we will meet Josh Hasten the host of our newest show on The Land of Israel.com, "Israel Uncensored". It's the truth. It's bold, unapologetic and politically incorrect. No filter. It's the untold story of Israel.

Israel Inspired: How Christian Volunteers Saved the Lives of Two IDF Soldiers

Listen to a story of how the lives of non Jewish volunteers were changed forever, how they saved the lives of 2 IDF soldiers. This is a story, a sign, of what the future holds for Israel & the nations of the world.

Israel Inspired: Is Israel Building Another Golden Calf? [audio]

Today we struggle to understand how the newly born Nation of Israel went and built the Golden Calf. Yet has the modern state of Israel has fallen victim to this same impulse?

Israel Inspired: Why are American-Israel Relations Falling Apart and Why is that Good For...

The United States has began labeling products made in Judea and Samaria, a step toward an American boycott of Israeli products. Why is this happening now? How is Israel responding?

The Refinement of Redemption – Living with a Knife to Your Neck [audio]

On Tuesday, in Jeremy’s hometown Neve Daniel where he raises his five children, a jogger was attacked and stabbed by an Islamic terrorist.

Why Does Europe Embrace Islam While They Condemn Israel? [audio]

Get ready for a deeply spiritual and penetrating analysis from Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel into one of the most perplexing questions of our times.

Meet the Jew who saved 149 Christian Lives [audio]

Hear the story of Aron Shaviv share the harrowing story of how he helped save the lives of 149 Christians.

Is Being “Politically Correct” a Biblical Value? [audio]

There is an emerging code in the modern world which seeks to control and dictate the words we use and the ideas we share.

Terror, Extremism, Radicalism or Something Else Entirely? [audio]

The White House held a Summit to Combat "Extremism", while many say the war is with Militant Islam. Is there a battle raging that is much deeper and more profound?

How Albert Einstein defeated the Greek Empire – Hanukkah Special [audio]

Tune in to this Hanukkah special to find out how Albert Einstein’s paradigm shattering discovery of E=MC2 dealt a final blow in the age old battle between the Hellenists and the Hebrew prophets.

Every Jew a .22 [audio]

In this episode we look at the gun issue through a Biblical prism and explain why bearing arms in these times is not merely a privilege, but a responsibility.


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