Israel Uncensored: Jerusalem Day Marred by Jihadist Violence

As Israelis are celebrating Jerusalem Day Muslim Jihadists have turned parts of Jerusalem into a war zone with violent riots. This week on Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten speaks with Dan Diker, Project Director for the Program to Counter Political Warfare and BDS at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, on why the violence and terror is taking place.

Israel Uncensored: The Link Between Arab Violence in Jerusalem and the South

Josh discusses the current wave of Arab violence in Jerusalem and rockets being fired at southern communities, which is being encouraged by both Hamas and the PA as each are each trying to show that they are tops when it comes to attacking Israeli Jews, so they will garner more votes in the upcoming legislative elections.

Israel Uncensored: Iranian Nuclear Setback

An explosion at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility on Sunday could set back production for nine months according to anonymous US and Israeli intelligence sources. While Israel is not taking responsibility for the attack, quotes from numerous Israeli officials hint that perhaps the Jewish State did what it had to do in the face of the Iranian existential threat. Hear about this breaking story, plus all the news from Israel, on this weeks edition of Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: Biden Administration Making all the Wrong Moves

This week on Israel Uncensored Josh Hasten discusses all the wrong moves made by the US Biden Administration in regard to Israel and the Middle East, while world Jewry was busy celebrating Passover.

Israel Uncensored: BDS in Cahoots with Terrorists [audio]

Josh Hasten, host of Israel Uncensored on The Land of Israel Network, talks about a Jerusalem Post report which reveals that at least 60 anti-Israel BDS groups recently took part in two online events led by leaders from Iran, Hamas, and other terror organizations.

Not My President

On this week’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh says that with election chaos reigning in the US, whether projected election winner Joe Biden becomes president, or current President Donald Trump is able to prove voter fraud and stay in office, Israel needs to step up and do what’s in its best interests regardless of outside influence...

Israel Uncensored: Israel – The Most Inspiring Story of the 21st Century [audio]

Learn about the third annual Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation's "Israel Inspired" Israel Video Network video contest when Josh Hasten interviews Avi Abelow today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Revoke the Citizenship of Those Who Call for Israel’s Demise [audio]

In Tel Aviv Saturday night there was a rally in which Israeli Arabs called for the destruction of the State and the murder of its citizens. Joshua Hasten says that those who openly prove their treasonous intentions should have their citizenship revoked. This and more today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Co-Working in Gush Etzion [audio]

A diverse group of businesses, some with clients all over the world, use the only co-working space which exists in Judea and Samaria. Josh Hasten speaks with CEO of Hub Etzion, Rachel Moore today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: How Soon Till ‘Shirley Temper’ Goes Back to Jail? [audio]

Receiving a rockstar’s welcome, Ahed Tamimi was released from jail yesterday for kicking & slapping an IDF solider. She has immediately returned to her old ways. Danny Seaman joins Joshua Hasten to discuss this & Thursday's fetal terror attack on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Why the Fuss Over Israel’s Jewish Nation-State Law? [audio]

Why was Israel’s new “Jewish Nation-State Law,” in the headlines all over the world? Joshua Hasten explains why this new ‘Basic Law’ has ruffled so many feathers near and far today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: One Rocket, is One Too Many [audio]

With a house full of guests from abroad, Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza fired nearly 200 rockets at the residents of southern Israel. Joshua Hasten speaks with Rabbi David (Dov) Fendel who describes what it was like this past Shabbat in Sderot and more today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: PA’s “Pay For Slay” Program Takes a Hit [audio]

Listen to an interview with attorney Maurice Hirsch from Palestinian Media Watch about the Knesset Bill which passed into law this past week freezing the amount of PA tax funds being paid to terrorists & their families. Today on Israel Uncensored w/ Joshua Hasten.

Israel Uncensored: The Israel Road Show [audio]

Israel Road Trip! Joshua Hasten speaks with Eliyokim Cohen of Jews News who is going on a 4 month road trip throughout Israel to share the reality & beauty of the Land of Israel today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Implications of the British Royal Visit [audio]

For the first time in 70 years a member of the British Royal Family will be making an official State visit to Israel. Prince William arrives in Israel this evening. Joshua Hasten speaks with Richard Pater Israel Director of BICOM, to discusses the significance of this visit, today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: On the 8th Day, Don’t Forget Netiv Ha’avot [audio]

Rabbi Natan Alexander and his family were one of 15 other families expelled from Gush Etzion’s Netiv Ha’avot neighborhood this past week. While grateful for the love he has felt from friends and neighbors this past week, his request to the world is not to forget Netiv Ha’avot on the 8th day following the expulsion. Listen to his interviews with Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Netiv Ha’avot, Gush Etzion Braces for Demolition [audio]

Israel's High Court ruled that parts of 15 homes in the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood of Elazar, Gush Etzion were "possibly" located on private Arab land, and while no proof of ownership was established, the homes are slated to be demolished later this week. More with Josh Hasten on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Israel Haters are on the Wrong Side of History [audio]

Bringing baked goods to those under fire, hope, and expressing solidarity from the rest of the country to those running towards the shelters. Today on Israel Uncensored Ari Fuld joins Josh Hasten to discuss his experience this past week down south.

Israel Uncensored: Fighting Agricultural Terrorism in Gush Etzion [audio]

Arabs from nearby villages have been hurling burning tires into Gush Etzion communities starting fires in cherry orchards and fields causing thousands of dollars in damage. Joshua Hasten interviews Daniel Hanson, Deputy Head of Security for Gush Etzion today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Judea and Samaria Celebrate US Embassy Move [audio]

Hear interviews with ‘who’s who,’ from communities in Judea and Samaria and other pro-Israel advocates, at a special Yesha Council event celebrating the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem with Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: The Iran Files Heist [audio]

What are Iran’s nuclear ambitions? What is Hamas's strategy on Israel’s Gaza border – in which terrorists are disguising themselves as legitimate peace activists. Listen in as Joshua Hasten interviews Dan Diker today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Coping with the Flash Flood Tragedy [audio]

Israel was in mourning this week after burying 10 high-school students who were killed in a Judean Desert flash flood this past Thursday. Joshua Hasten speaks with Rabbi Natan Alexander who says that he's never seen a nation come together to offer such support to one another during times of immeasurable sorrow.

Israel Uncensored: Natalie Portman Snubs Bibi – BDS Declares Victory [audio]

Hear Joshua Hasten's thoughts on Jewish/Israeli Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman’s decision to boycott Israel and not attend the prestigious 2018 Genesis Prize Award ceremony today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: What Does US Strike on Syria Mean for Israel? [audio]

Over the weekend US President Trump fulfilled his promise of targeting Assad-regime chemical facilities in response to an attack on Syrian civilians. How will that move impact Israel? Joshua Hasten speaks with Anna Ahronheim, Military and Defense Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: ​”Great March” is Attempt to Destroy Israel [audio]

For the past two Friday’s Hamas has been holding violent rallies at the Gaza border ​featuring infiltration attempts into Israeli territory. Today on Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten discusses how Hamas claims when speaking to the international press in English that their demonstrations are peaceful, while in Arabic admit that the true goal of these events are to – in their words “tear the Israeli’s hearts out of their bodies.”

Israel Uncensored: Touring the Land of Israel This Passover [audio]

Fellow The Land of Israel Network host Eve Harow joins Joshua Hasten details some of the amazing trips throughout Judea and Samaria she is leading this Passover today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Jihadist Terror Strikes [audio]

What is the boiling point for Israel’s leaders before taking more meaningful steps to weed out the terror carried out by those living under the PA? On today’s Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten discusses this latest evil.

Israel Uncensored: Showing Congress Judea and Samaria [audio]

She brings top US officials to Israel and takes them on tours all over Israel so that they can see all the issues up close and personal and formulate opinions for themselves. Joshua Hasten interviews Ruth Jaffe Lieberman Founder of "The Yes! Israel Project" today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Is Israel Headed for Early Elections? [audio]

The Israeli public sees through the attacks being carried out against the Prime Minister and the “right” by the judiciary, media, etc. and thus as time goes on, continues to voice support for the PM and his party explains Caroline Glick. Listen to the rest of her interview with Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: It’s Time to Call Out the ‘Right Wing’ [audio]

Why is it moral for members of Israel’s ‘right wing’ government to hold meetings with top-level Palestinian Authority officials, an entity that incites against Israel and the Jewish People on a daily basis? Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.


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