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Marc Zell Co-chairman Republicans Overseas Israel and Vice President Republicans Overseas International just came home to Israel after attending the Republican National Convention and committee meetings in Cleveland. He tells Josh that while originally highly skeptical of Donald Trump as the party leader leading up to November’s US election, he now believes Trump is the clear choice for president when it comes to Israel’s interests. Also on the show a clip of Josh’s interview with Republican VP Candidate Governor Mike Pence when he was in Israel in 2014, in which Pence clearly shares his love for Israel and his belief that Israel and the US are great allies.



  1. I wonder how many Russian investments Mr Trump has on those tax returns he refuses to show? Today his campaign confirmed they will not be releasing Mr Trumps tax returns at all to the public.

    I suspect Governor Romney is more than correct in his assertion there is a 'bombshell' in there.

    Clinton/Kaine 2016..

  2. I suspect, if you were being audited, you could show your tax returns, correct??? Why don't you spend more energy on, questioning Hillary Clinton's lying to the American people, and deleting all her emails, and her putting National security at risk….you people are just as corrupt as she is….we see right through you hypocrites!!!!!!

  3. Donald Trump has only one interest: achievement of the highest office in the U.S. He is an ignorant man, and it is
    frightening to think of the possibility of his becoming president. Israel's interests are better in the hands of
    a rational, capable leader. And that is what Hillary Clinton

  4. To my Jewish Brother's & Sisters in Israel.
    Don't you care for the Jews in the US? If Trump is elected he will do away with my Social Security & Medicare & many other benefits.He has already robbed many people.It is about time Israel think's about us !!!!

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