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Florida State Rep. Ari Porth (D-Coral Springs), Florida students, activists, and ZOA Florida leaders (Joseph Sabag and Sharona Whisler) worked together to pass pro-Israel resolution 1447

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Segment 1: In the darkness there is light

Fresh from his reserve duty in the IDF and run in the Jerusalem Marathon, Yishai brings you a show that is full of interesting insight, thought-provoking questions, and Jewish pride. This week begins with Yishai, joined by his wife and co-host Malkah, talking about Yishai’s recent reserve duty and the story of a person in Yishai’s unit that is in the process of bringing world-class wine making to Israel’s Negev Desert. Malkah talks about how nervous she was to have Yishai in reserve duty near Beersheva during recent rocket attacks from Gaza.

There is a war on the horizon in the Fleisher house and Operation Chametz Free, between Malkah and chametz, will commence soon as she prepares to clean for Pesach. Seder preparations, Spring cleaning, and shopping for Peasach are also discussed. The show moves onto a more serious note with Yishai and Malkah talking about the tragedy that recently took place in Toulouse, France where Jews were brutally shot by an unknown gunman. Yishai talks about fighting evil by jogging in the Jerusalem Marathon, which featured over 15,000 Jewish runners and being able to see that there is Am Yisrael (the Jewish people) is strong and thriving.

Segment 2: We all have to live here together

Alternative peace activist Yehuda HaKohen joins Yishai in the second segment of the show. Together, they discuss issues such as recent statements made by European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton regarding the situation in Gaza and how, because of her stance, she should be considered not only an enemy of the Jewish People but also of all Middle Eastern peoples. HaKohen talks about how the Middle East Quartet, an organization that was created by former American President George W. Bush, is committed to nothing more than shrinking Israel. The influence of Bush to coerce former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enact the destruction of Gush Katif, the former bloc of Jewish towns and villages in Gaza, is discussed. The thought that the Palestinian People are being used as pawns by outside countries in order to shrink the size of Israel and fuel corporate interests is presented. Yishai talks about a recent tour he took part in and how the tour guide of the tour talks about poverty and how Arab residents are pressured by government to not accept Israeli citizenship or vote in order to maintain the status quo. Methods to make a minority population co-exist in a Jewish State are presented and round out this segment.

Segment 3: The ‘other’ Jewish state

In the third segment of this week’s show, Yishai speaks to Joe Sabag, the executive director of the Zionist Organization of America’s Florida Office.Yishai and Sabag discuss their recent meeting during the first annual Florida Loves Israel Conference in Tallahassee and Sabag talks about the mission of ZOA in Florida, in the context of outreach to both Jews and non-Jews alike.ZOA has a commitment to ensuring that interests relating to Israel are appropriately represented in State legislative bodies and the Florida State Legislature was the second state governing body in the United States to release a resolution in the support of the State of Israel. This resolution was passed in both the state house and senate with overwhelming support among all who love and support Israel. The issue of where Jews should be allowed to live and not live in the Land of Israel and how the two-state solution relates to it is discussed. The realization that a lot of the problems that are commonly seen within Israel activist circles are caused and created by a true misunderstanding of the situation and potential solution finishes this segment.

Segment 4: Giving new life to Jewish life in Israel

Israel is in the forefront of innovation and technology in world of emergency medicine and in the final segment of this week’s show, Yishai visits a ceremony for the donation of a new defibrillator device to his community on the Mount of Olives. This ceremony took place at the United Hatzalah Center in Jerusalem and Yishai is given a thorough tour around the center by paramedics. Yishai talks with the paramedics about the motorcycles, mopeds, and other vehicles that are used by Hatzalah to quickly respond to incidents across Israel. The command center, which uses a combination of cameras and GPS technology to quickly assist medics with arriving on scene and assessing the situation, is also linked to the IDF Homefront Command in order to respond and avoid areas hit by rocket attacks. This segment wraps up with Yishai discussing bulletproof vests and armor being issued to Hatzalah medics that are situated in the ‘hot zone’, areas that are prone to terror attack across Israel.