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Last year, the IDF set out on a mission to stop Hamas aggression against Israeli civilians. One of the IDF’s major challenges was that Hamas’ chose to embed its vast terror network deep within Gaza’s population. The terror organization hid weapons in schools and mosques, fired rockets from hospitals and dug terror tunnels under homes.

When a weapons storage facility or launching pad must be targeted, but suddenly civilians appear in the area, you are faced with a serious dilemma. If you fire at the target, you may harm civilians nearby. If you don’t, you may be leaving Israeli civilians at risk.


Today, one year after Operation Protective Edge, the IDF challenge you to face these scenarios and decide for yourself. Do you continue or abort?


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  1. NO other country fights a WAR with these criteria. You fight to win.

    Killing terrorists saves lives in the long run.

    Remember: Hamas was democratically elected by these civilians. They are as guilty as the terrorists they elected.

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