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Donald Trump - big fan of Israel.



  1. what he says now as a candidate is not necessarily what he’ll do as president. Most influential jews vote liberal anyway… the obummer also sounded like sugar and spice and everything nice before the elections. Look where that got us… twice

  2. Victoria Wise, what any presidential candidate says today is not necessarily what they’ll do as president! At least he has a connection to the Jewish people. What other president in the last 30 years can say the same? Trump is pro Israel. And yes, there will be difficult decisions to make concerning the fakestinian/Israeli conflict. Still, I personally believe that he is quite familiar with the situation and knows that peace will never be achieved while the fakestinians love their babies less than they’d love Jews dead.

    No other candidate at this time of Islamic cult invasion, will sort them out better than Trump will IMHO.

  3. NOT! This crazy person would blow up the world or anyone in it that did not agree with him – I would vote against him and Ben Carson just because I would not want either one of them to have access to the nuclear bomb . . . . . oh hell to the NO!

  4. So what fires his 'populariy'? He is a hot head, bigot, a liar and egoist and there is no cork in his mouth. He says what he feels and believes that people will eat it up and send him to that White House. Has v'haliila! God forbid and save us from this devil incarnate.

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