Former Kuwaiti Minister of Information Sami Abdullatif Al-Nesf said that throughout history, the Palestinian cause has suffered because of the extremists. “Lands are regained through peace, not through war,” he said.

He criticized the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini for thwarting the partition plan, for urging the Palestinians to leave by blowing Deir Yassin out of proportion, and for his insistence on keeping the Palestinians in refugee camps.


Al-Nesf, a pilot and former chairman and managing director of Kuwait Airways, said: “Unless we turn to the kind of reasonable thinking that we have lacked for a century, we will continue to accuse the voices of reason of being traitors, criminals, and collaborators, in order to walk in the path of extremism, which always ends in a catastrophe.”

He further said that “the issue of displacement is a common thing,” and that “we chose to wage war and lost, so by logic, we should pay the price.”

The interview with Al-Nesf aired on the Kuwaiti Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV on July 11.