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  1. Once again, Glenn Beck demonstrates his total ignorance of American social history. He is so dimwitted that he is unaware that Mrs. Obama was speaking before a Black audience at a traditionally Black university, and as such she was speaking to the collective frustration of Black Americans who continue to feel the frustrations of being left behind in our racist society. For White America, we have a Black president, and that indicates to us that our racial past is over. However for Black Americans who still face unemployment and a higher rate of incarceration, the progress has been slow and incomplete. We live in a time of great extremes and the tense contradictions that come from those extremes. While a Black man occupies the White House, Black men continue to be victims of racial violence evident in recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore; a continuous problem since the end of the Civil War. We are not yet dining at Dr. King’s “Table of Brotherhood.” Beck needs an education before he opens his ignorant mouth.

  2. Jennifer, you need to exit your white shell and talk to Black Americans. Their American experience is very different than ours, and not in a positive way. Mrs. Obama’s speech cannot be classified as “racist” when it is responding to the overwhelming racist experience of Black America. Calling her speech racist is like calling a Holocaust survivor’s speech about his/her experiences in the death camps anti-Semitic.

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