Photo Credit: Caliber-3

Alex from Caliber-3 explains (in Hebrew) how to use pepper spray, followed by a demonstration of an attack and defense:


Just for fun: Eitan vs. the Pepper Spray:


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  1. Please do not confuse people… pepper spray might take 10 – 60 second to fully kick-in… depending on mental and physical status of the attacker. It should be used as the first resort. If you can carry gun or knife DO SO. I am sure most israely men and women know when you are too close to punch and can not use any weapon…. you need to go for balls (EYES OR GROIN) use your finger and push in so hard so you can reach his brain… preferably do both eye balls at the same time. If he has control over hands use your knees to kick his groin as hard as you can.. then run away and scream for help as hard and loud as you can. Make sure you have your bag/wallet/cell phone with you before you run away.

  2. While it is true that pepper spray can take a little bit to take effect, how it is applied can make a big difference. Generally, just the fact of being sprayed in the face will momentarily put an attacker in an involuntary reaction of surpise. Immediately follow the initial spray with another directly into the mouth and both nostrils. The attacker will suffocate. In the case of a knife, never take it out unless it will immediately be used, otherwise the element of surprise is lost. If it is to be used, do not hesitate, because it can be grabbed and used against you. Know yourself, and if there is even the slightest chance that you may hesitate, do not use a knife. The sole purpose for opening or unsheathing a weapon is to immediately kill the opponent. You are simply eliminating a threat.

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