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John Boehner


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  1. ” Rather than slowing down Iran’s nuclear project, the former security officials said, Netanyahu’s speech Tuesday will bring the Islamic republic closer to developing a nuclear bomb.
    “When the Israeli prime minister argues that his speech will stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, he is not only misleading Israel, he is strengthening Iran,” Amnon Reshef, former head of the army’s armored corps, said at a news conference Sunday.”

  2. ….and…delaine murray…he ‘s complete against obama and that damn administration…he will do everything in his block everything what obama and his ;;team” has in mind…
    e.g. ”obama ” care….immigration…nuke deal iran…islam submission/ sharia …etc etc…
    this obama distroy u.s. slowly…

  3. Ron, you are so far out that I don’t think there’s any hope for you. Obama is not a black man, he’s half white/black. The half of US population that is upset are the ones receiving hand outs. Get a life Ron, the Prime Minister knows what’s he’s doing…

  4. Why did not mr Boehner informed the White House ?because he is the arrogant man and offended the President.he did it on purpose because he knows the rules and started this whole row,stupid as he is not for nothing that a lot of his Republican collegues want him out

  5. If you wish ill for America you wish them the Repubs of today, aka, idiots in command. Hardly ever does one meet an intelligent Repub. Go read a book for God's sake. Look at your former presidents and candidates, a list of retards… What a waste of digital ink!!!

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