The full article by Ambassador Dore Gold is on the JCPA website.

It has been axiomatic for the “Palestinian” narrative that as a result of the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948, the Palestinian Arab refugees were forcibly expelled by Israeli forces from their towns and villages. This has been the official line appearing in Palestinian school textbooks and molding the attitudes of generations of young people.


Palestinian Authority President Abbas apparently forgot his lines and recently said something far more truthful at the PLO Consultative Council on December 9, 2018:

Everyone started to speak in our name, in our absence. Therefore we could do nothing. And you recall, if you remember, that in 1948, when the “Nakba,” or catastrophe, took place, we weren’t a party to it. We were taken out, and we were told, after a week we will return you.

Elsewhere he was even more explicit on this point. Back in March 1976 in the Palestinian publication Falastin El-Thawra that came out in Beirut, he said that the Arab armies forced the “Palestinians” to emigrate and to leave their homeland.

In other words, Abbas is admitting that the Arab states caused the Arabs in Israel to flee with the false promise that they would come back.