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Book your flight to occupied Palestine today. The Delta Airlines will gladly take you to these Middle East airports:


Fasten your seat belts, we’re calling the Delta operator…

She catches on eventually, and refuses to accept responsibility for the typo… Frankly, after the second minute or so I started rooting for Linda… Good concept, though. Let’s scrub the Internet of all Palestinian inaccuracies. Or go to work.



  1. First, there is an airport in Aza (Israel won't allow it to be repaired and used for. obvious reasons). Second there is an airport (that can handle large craft) in Jerusalem. Third, the only "occupied" land in the area is Occupied Israel (Yesha). Finally, "journalist" Yori picked this up from someone else; it's been around a very long time.
    It _would_ be nice if the PA had a secure corridor from Jordan to Ramallah so the "Palestinians" would not have to travel via Lod.

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