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The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has issued its report on road accidents with casualties in 2015, compared with 2014. The has been an increase in every aspect of reported accidents. There were 23,488 Israeli Casualties in 2015, in 12,661 Car Accidents.

355 fatalities — up 11%


319 fatal accidents — up 9%

1,608 serious accidents — up 14%

1,873 serious injuries — up 15%

Altogether, the number of accidents with casualties was up by 2.5%, and the overall number of casualties was up 2%.

In Judea and Samaria the trend is reversed, according to the CBS. There were 605 car accidents with casualties, down 10%, out of which 27 were fatal, down 13%, and 71 serious accidents, down 5%. Altogether, 1,487 were injured, up 4%, with 33 fatalities, down 15%, and 98 seriously injured, down 13%.


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