Foreign Countries Funding Legal Defense for Anti-Bibi Demonstrators

Would it be conceivable for the State of Israel to fund protection for lawbreakers protesting against the German government?

Police Seize 690 Weapons in Arab Towns in North Since Beginning of 2020

Between 2015 and 2019, 80% of those suspected of committing firearm-related crimes in Israel were non-Jews.

Knesset Committee Debates 400,000 Illegal Firearms Threatening Women’s Lives

“Arab women suffer ten times as much [from the use of illegal firearms], and Israel Police claims there are 45,000 unregistered firearms."

Jewish Family Survives Lynching Attempt, Police Open Criminal Case Against the Father for Shooting...

"Boom, a rock lands next to the window, where our little one-and-a-half-year-old Chen was sleeping. She wakes up and starts screaming to high heavens."

Cabinet to Pour $3 Billion in Aid to Businesses, Employees, Self-Employed, While Considering Tighter...

So far, it appears that Tuesday's cabinet meeting is not expected to impose new restrictions on prayer houses and Gamzu's recommendation will be accepted.

Poll Shows Only 16.7% of Israeli Arabs Approve Police Record in War on Arab...

"The discussion surrounding crime in Arab society is reminiscent of the discussions that were held in Italy about Sicily."

Police Lockdown Check Posts Cause Huge Traffic Jams Countrywide

The Health Ministry supports the imposition of significant restrictions on working in the private sector, and tightening the enforcement in synagogues so prayers may be held only in open areas.

Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Can’t Do Under the New Lockdown

One may go out from one's residence up to a distance of 500 meters only. This restriction enables going out into the public sphere (including parks and playgrounds) up to 500 meters.

Shin Bet Unveils Recruitment of Arab Women by Iran, Hezbollah

In August 2020, Yasmin Jaber, a female resident of the Old City who works at the Hebrew U. National Library, was arrested on suspicion that she had been recruited by Hezbollah.

Inspectors Clash with Haredi Mayor over Removing Animals from Local Zoo

The mayor stood at the gates of the zoo and announced that until he finished the legal consultation, he would not allow the evacuation of the animals.

Trial of 14 Collaborators with 3 Murderers at Charlie Hebdo, Hypercacher Market Begins in...

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed in its new weekly edition.

Gov. Cuomo: President Trump ‘Better Have an Army’ to Walk Down NY Streets

Trump signed a five-page memo ordering federal agencies to send reports to the Office of Management and Budget with recommendations for funds that can be redirected from New York.

Explosion Rocks Building near Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Mall

"Abu Dhabi Police are currently dealing with an explosion that is expected to have been caused by gas installations today."

Mystery: New Pit Opens in Temple Mount Floor

The IAA “must conduct an orderly rescue excavation at the site and disclose its contents to the general public.”

Disgraced NY Assembly Leader Silver Begins 6.5 Year Sentence in Coronavirus Infected Prison

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Otisville has reported 42 coronavirus cases, 28 inmates and 14 staff. No pandemic-related death has been reported.

Staten Island Synagogue Bombarded with Eggs Saturday Night

According to an unsubstantiated report, the attacked synagogue belonged to the Gerer Chassidic movement.

Police Subdue Arab Who Stabbed a Jew to Death in Petah Tikvah

The murderer recognized the threat of being neutralized and surrendered immediately without a fight and was taken into custody.

Netivot Basketball Court Blown Up by Gaza IED Balloon Bomb

In any case where a suspicious object is spotted, the Israel Police must be immediately notified by calling the National Police "100" hotline.

Scores of Jewish Tombstones Vandalized in South Africa

“The barbed wire we put up a few years ago has also been stolen.”

Austrian Jewish Community Leader Attacked by Stranger Wielding Baseball Bat

Rosen managed to escape at the last moment and got back into his car. The attacker then hit the vehicle with the baseball bat before fleeing the scene.

Report: Woman Threatens US Ambassador David Friedman

“I didn’t do anything," she said. "I have the right to walk around here. I never said I would hurt anyone. I don’t know what you want from me.”

Watch: CCTV Video of Old City Terror Attack

As can be seen in the CCTV video, the wounded policeman manages to collect himself and shoot and kill the terrorist.

Netanyahu’s Prosecutor Summoned for Criminal Interrogation over Construction Violations

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit issued a scathing letter to the Rosh HaAyin municipality several weeks ago, criticizing the municipality's conduct.

Berkeley Woman Arrested for Starting Synagogue Trash Fire

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they discovered that bystanders had already extinguished the fire.

Trump Escorted Out of News Briefing after Shots Fired Outside the White House

The president came back nine minutes later and informed the reporters that a man had been shot and that the situation was under control.

Justice System Closing Ranks to Rebuff Criminal Allegations Against Netanyahu’s Prosecutor

"Every time you think that the institutional corruption and the corrupt organizational culture of the State Attorney's Office has reached the bottom – you discover an entire dungeon further down, built without a construction permit."

UN Tractor Caught Dumping Waste at Illegal Dumpsite

The UN vehicle was polluting near the Israeli community of Na’ale in the Benyamin region.

Netanyahu, Gantz, Clash on Protests, PM Slams Media

"Never before has there been such a distorted mobilization," the PM pushed on. "I wanted to say Soviet, but it's already on North Korean levels, where the media are in favor of the demonstrations."


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