Justice Dept. Indicts Trump on 7 Federal Criminal Counts

Gov. DeSantis condemned the indictments but did not promise to pardon Trump.

Netanyahu Expresses ‘Shock’ at Murder of Five Arabs in Galilee

“I was shocked by the terrible murder near Nazareth. We are determined to stop this chain of murders,” said Netanyahu.

Kohelet Files Criminal Complaint Against Retired General Who Called for their Annihilation

Kohelet’s attorney urged Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara to investigate and prosecute Nehemia Dagan.

Israeli Ex-Pat Shot to Death in Los Angeles

The victim was talking to another man, who pulled out a handgun and shot him multiple times at point-blank range.

Hareidi Man Stabbed in Jerusalem

The police captured his attacker a short time later and it wasn't terror-related.

Israeli Citizen Receiving PA’s Pay for Slay Terror Stipend Arrested in Money-Laundering Sting

The network of companies distributed and offset fictitious invoices amounting to tens of millions of shekels for money-laundering and tax offenses.

NYPD Rejects Anarchists’ Complaint Against Rothman; Next: Ruin ‘Celebrate Israel Parade’

What damage can we expect from these dedicated rebels on Social Security on Sunday? Here is their itinerary.

State Attorneys Accused of Leaking Information to Organized Crime

Exasperated police officers say that despite their repeated reports to State Attorney Aisman, they were ignored.

Berlin Police Launch Criminal Probe of Roger Waters’ Nazi Fiasco

The British musician dressed up in a costume resembling an SS uniform and fired a prop machine gun at the audience

Police Arrest 54 in Widespread Search for Illegal Weapons

The operation involved Police and Border Guard officers who carried out 82 searches.

14 Bedouin Arrested on Suspicion of Extortion

Trucks and boats were set on fire to get victims to pay extortion fees.

Arab Convoy Moving on Jerusalem Demanding Police Stop Arabs from Killing Each Other

I wouldn’t be surprised if on the same day that those angry Arabs are converging on Jerusalem someone would murder Arab victim number 81.

Report: Systemic Police Harassment of Jews on Temple Mount on Flag Day

"Going up to the Temple Mount should become routine and not anything to get excited about."

Environmental Inspectors Suspect Lake Kinneret Poisoning Was Intentional

Tveria's municipal veterinarian warned local fish vendors no to sell Kinneret fish at this juncture.

Beyadenu Wants 5,000 Jews on Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day – as Police/IDF Seek...

The authorities suggest Nisani “will commit acts of provocation which can endanger the security of the Temple Mount and the Old City.”

Netanyahu Orders Ban on Lag B’Omer Bonfire Lighting by Sex Offenders

Cult leader Eliezer Berland, recently released from prison, was honored with lighting the Lag B'Omer bonfire.

Suspects Caught Red-Handed Trying to Rob 2,000-Year-Old Archaeological Site in Northern Israel

Fortunately, the caves, which are among the largest in the area, were not damaged during the recent robbery incidents.

Economic Competition Czar: Banks Supervision in Israel Is Regulatory Spaghetti

"The supervision of the non-banking entities should be reduced and adapted to international standards.”

Ben Gvir Wins: Convicted Female Border Guard Orian Ben Khalifa Reinstated

Officer Ben Khalifa will continue to serve while the legal proceedings against her continue.

Netanyahu Tells Cabinet Israel Gaining Momentum in Security, the Economy

“Since the start of the year, we have thwarted and arrested over 110 terrorists, a record number.”

Released Jordanian MP a Criminal, Not a Hero, Jordanian Security to Continue Interrogation

The affair revealed that the security cooperation between Jerusalem and Amman is as viable as it has ever been.

Teen Gang Leader Arrested for Attack on Crown Heights Jews

The gang leader, age 14, was arrested Wednesday after being identified in surveillance footage of the attack, where he is seen punching one of the boys in the face.

Female Border Guard Orian Ben Khalifa Convicted of Assault, Ben Gvir Mulling Appeal

The court ruled that considering the investigation failures, an obstruction of justice conviction strongly contradicts any sense of justice.

Ben Gvir Submits a More Balanced Ankle Monitor Law

Ben Gvir is going to submit his revamped bill to the government’s legislative committee, alongside an extensive program to combat violence within the family.

Jews Arrested on Temple Mount for Unfurling Israeli Flag, Prostrating, Saying Shema Israel

“I call on the Israeli police to not interfere by provoking ascenders to the Temple Mount."

Vandals Rip Out Dozens of Mezuzahs in Jerusalem Luxury Neighborhood

In Israel, hostility to religious Jewish symbols is characteristic of the left.

3 Bedouins Tried to Kidnap Young Jewish Woman from Kiryat Malachi

Police arrived following a report of shouting and violence near the young woman's building.

With Disengagement Law Annulled, State Drops Indictments Against Israelis Who Visited Homesh

"The indictment that was filed against the students of the Homesh Yeshiva should not have been filed in the first place."


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