Dozens of Jewish Institutions Tied to Tycoon’s Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

It should be stressed that the US authorities have not accused the Jewish institutions of any wrongdoing, but their connection to what will likely become an unsavory affair is discomforting.

FBI Arrests Fort Lauderdale Anti-Semite on Firearm Violation

He says he turned neo-Nazi after receiving a beating from Antifa members outside the New York Republican Party’s headquarters .

Nassau Democrat Calling for Cuomo’s Resignation over Sexual Harassment Complaints

This may be a good place to ask, what is it with NY governors and their predilections?

Stone Throwers Injure Police Officers Who Enforce Purim Night Curfew in Jerusalem

In order to prevent Purim gatherings in Jerusalem, bus and train traffic to and from the city has been blocked starting Saturday night.

Arab Demonstrators Clash with Police, MK, Mayor Hurt in Anti-Violence Protest

The Police accused protesters of violence, despite attempts to calm the situation.

Police: Crowded Purim Street Celebrations in Tel Aviv Were ‘Suicide Parties’

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) attacked the participants in those parties, saying "the jump in morbidity will be registered in your name."

Cuomo Directs Hate-Crimes Task Force to Investigate Swastika at Rego Park Jewish Center

Surveillance footage shows a suspect drawing a swastika on a “private property” sign at the Rego Park Jewish Center in Queens, N.Y.

Syria Demands 2 Prisoners in Exchange for Woman Who Crossed the Border, But the...

Both prisoners, who were convicted on security charges by Israeli courts, have no interest in going back to Syria.

Cuomo Pleads Guilty Only to Delaying Info on Nursing Home Corona Deaths – Not...

On March 25, the Cuomo administration barred nursing homes from refusing applicants infected with COVID-19.

Hebrew U Research Examines Effect of Natural Disasters on Charitable and Criminal Activity

Neighboring regions and even those communities more distanced from the disaster zone would see a marked increase in philanthropy.

Report: Bedouin Bandits Bribe IDF Soldiers to Let Them Rob their Bases in the...

Ahmed revealed for the first time that he and some of his gang members regularly bribe IDF soldiers who in return allowing them to enter bases to steal bullets.

BLM Riots in NYC: Cops Injured, Police Cars Damaged

One police officer was bitten on the leg. Eleven people were arrested but none were held overnight.

In Clandestine Operation Samaria Settlers Rebuild Joshua’s Altar Destroyed by Palestinian Authority

"As soon as you have crossed the Jordan into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you shall set up large stones."

Israelis Caught Illegally Selling Advanced Arms to Unnamed Asian Nation

“This case illustrates the potential damage to national security inherent in transactions carried out by Israeli citizens, vis-à-vis foreign parties."

Tel Aviv Municipality Launches Vaccination Station in Poor Area Populated by Aliens

As befits a slum, life is not safe in today's Neve Sha'anan, but at last, the locals will be safe from the raging pandemic.

Swastikas, Anti-Semitic Graffiti Smeared on California Jewish Fraternity House

"This morning, a hateful group of people committed an antisemitic hate crime on our chapter house."

Bedouin Bandit Breaches Air Force Base; Soldiers, Cops, Chopper Bungle Pursuit (Update)

"The State of Israel must draw the line, and formulate a comprehensive, all-encompassing and non-negotiable solution to the problem of Bedouin crime in the Negev."

Netanyahu Back in Court Today to Respond to Charges of Bribery, Fraud, Breach of...

It's already been more than a year since, in January 2020, the indictments were filed against Netanyahu.

Schumer Will Pause Trump’s Trial for Shabbat

Schoen could stay at the Trump International hotel which is a 24-minute walk from the senate building, according to Google Maps.

One Year After Tragic Accident Grieving and Recovering Family Donates Ambucycle to United Hatzalah

The Bar Mitzvah was held on the same day as the memorial service for Mother Tzipi and baby Noam.

As Vaccine-Resistant Viruses Spread, Health Minister Warns Ending Lockdown on Friday Would Be ‘Fatal’

Israel is now experiencing the spread of mutated coronavirus species (484 and 417) that may have developed a resistance to the vaccines.

2 Civilians Shot in Police Shootout in Arab Town

Police seized two M16 assault rifles with which the suspects carried out the shooting.

President Rivlin Receives Report on Israeli Children’s Suicide, Violence, Sex Abuse During Pandemic

The report contains data on poverty, education, youth employment, and the changing size and structure of the Israeli family.

Israel’s Health Ministry Frustrated as Recovery Models Collapse, Number of Corona Infections Steady

"People refuse to go to hotels. They shout and curse, using phrases like 'you are racist,' 'you are Nazis,' sometimes even throwing chairs."

AG Rules Netanyahu Must Return $300K Gift to his US Cousin over their Previously...

Milikowsky was asked explicitly if he and Netanyahu had a business relationship and he denied it.

Violence in Jerusalem

Dozens of residents threw stones and objects at vehicles passing by, and also blocked traffic on the nearby highway using trash bins.

Haredi MK Asher to Police: ‘Don’t Turn All of Bnei Brak into a Battlefield’

“It is outrageous for 400 border police to enter the city to look for four teenagers."

Iran Says US Violated Human Rights of Spy Who Wrote for the NY Times

According to the DOJ, in January 2020, Afrasiabi advised Iran’s Foreign Minister about “retaliation” for the US airstrike that killed Major General Qasem Soleimani.

Suspected Sex Offender Malka Leifer Extradited after Hiding from Prosecution for 13 Years

Supreme Court Justice Anat Baron recommended dismissing Leifer's appeal and "uphold the judgment of the District Court which declared the appellant extraditable to Australia."


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