Richie Taylor, Highest-Ranking NYPD Officer with a Kipa Promoted to Deputy Chief

A resident of the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Taylor is the commanding officer of the NYPD's department of community affairs.

Ben Gvir: Prison Guard Who Served Barghouti Shabbat Cholent Disciplined

Barghouti has been on Hamas’s shortlist of terrorists they want to be released in exchange for Israeli hostages.

Jerusalem Resident Arrested with Matador Shoulder Missile

From the Hebrew markings on the missile system, it appears to have been stolen from the IDF.

MPs Arrest IDF Gaza Fighter Based on Testimony from Man Who Stole his Car

You want someone to inject some police officers with extra IQ points, but then you wonder if it’ll take.

Police Arrest 2 Imams in Lod Who Ran Mosque PA System at Excessive Volume

Several demonstrators came to protest outside the police station in the city.

Police Retrieval of Herd Stolen by Bedouins Reported as ‘Settler Violence’

A tweet by the left-wing organization intended for Biden and the White House: "Armed settlers invade barns to loot sheep under the auspices of the security forces."

Gaza Arab Caught in Central Israel Riding Stolen Motorcycle

It is not clear how the Gazan entered Israel and reached the central region. Nor is it clear whether the suspect has any terrorist ties.

Israeli Embassy Targeted in Attempted Terror Attack in Sweden

The country's national bomb squad immediately responded together with other law enforcement officers.

Netanyahu’s US Born Chief of Staff Ari Harow Convicted of Fraud, Breach of Trust

He is considered to have been one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants.

14 Israelis, including IDF Officers, Arrested for Selling Entry Permits to PA Arabs

They are facing charges of receiving articles fraudulently, bribery and collusion in the bribery of a public servant, violation of the prohibition of money laundering, and extortion using threats.

Freedom of Speech This: Lehava Founder Bentzi Gopstein Convicted of Incitement to Racism

Israel is a great country, with wonderful people, and delicious food, but no idea whatsoever of what constitutes a democracy.

Anti-Israel Mob Attempts to Breach White House Gate

Protesters hurled water bottles and sticks at the Secret Service, which kept them from entering the White House grounds.

UAE Launches Mass Trials of Suspected Muslim Brotherhood Activists

Emirati members of the Muslim Brotherhood undergo a proxy allegiance ceremony.

PA Ambulance Crew Caught with Stolen Hatzalah Equipment following Terror Attack

United Hatzalah volunteers were surprised to discover members of a PA ambulance crew wearing UH bulletproof vests.

Knesset Approves in 1st Reading Bill Denying Hamas Detainees Access to Lawyers

"A vital and critical need has arisen to deny a meeting by these detainees with an attorney."

Watch: Chassidim Riot as Police Arrest Chabadnik Who Broke a Wall Blocking the 770...

The tunnel constitutes a threat to the stability of the entire Chabad center and was blocked by the movement’s officials.

FBI Said to be Investigating Balloons Over JFK Airport Amid Anti-Israel Protests

The pro-Hamas Nazi activists disrupted 60 flights during the long holiday weekend, one of the year’s busiest travel times.

Feds: Senator Menendez Was a Qatari Agent

Despite his alleged illegal ties with Arab governments, Senator Menendez has been one of Israel’s friends in Congress.

Local Leader Calls Attackers of Breslau’s Synagogue ‘Antisemitic Rabble’

"Unfortunately, the antisemitic rabble has raised its head again in Breslau."

2023 A Record Year for Israeli-Arab Homicides

244 Israeli Arabs were killed by other Israeli Arabs in 2023.

Man Assaults Child Outside London Synagogue, Knocks Off Jewish Men’s Hats

A security camera caught the unidentified criminal now being sought by law enforcement.

Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Shout ‘Christmas Is Canceled’ in Clashes with NYPD

Clashes between protesters and law enforcement flared up on Christmas Day in New York City amid a pro-Hamas demonstration. Led by Within Our Lifetime-United...

DC Police Arrest Attacker Outside Georgetown Shul

The attacker sprayed "an unknown substance" at two Jews leaving the Kesher Israel shul and yelled an antisemitic phrase, per police.

Israel Establishes Over 800 New Civilian Security Squads

The members of the security squads operate within the Israel Police.

Here’s Why Homefront Command Says NOT to Touch Rocket Fragments

Sometimes people forget, or their curiosity overcomes their common sense.

Arrested Teen Had ‘Detailed Plan’ to Attack Reform Temple in Canton, Ohio

The 13-year-old, who isn't named, posted about his plan to carry out a mass shooting on the messaging app Discord.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos Charged in Murder of Jewish Detroit Leader Samantha Woll

The 28-year-old is charged with "committing a felony murder during the perpetration or attempted perpetration of a larceny and/or a first-degree home invasion."

Beverly Hills Synagogue Ba’al Koreh Assaulted Shabbat Morning

Last Shabbat morning around 9:03, an elderly Jewish man was attacked in the area of North Rexford Drive and North Santa Monica Blvd, the...


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