Israelis Demand Removing Bust of President Convicted of Rape

The President's residence has been receiving inquiries on the subject, but has yet to respond.

Report: Netanyahu’s Attorney Resigns over Fees in Attempt to Halt Trial

"As far as Netanyahu is concerned, he would like to dismantle the government even before the start of hearing the prosecution's testimonies in his trial."

United Hatzalah Volunteers Perform CPR on 2 Shooting Victims in Arab Triangle

Israel's Arab community has been awash in a seemingly endless deluge of fatal shootings, between rival clans, within clans, and within families.

Israel’s Latest Source to Balance Ailing Budget: Facemask Fines

"I do not plan to vote for or support raising the fine to NIS 500. It's excessive," the Knesset committee chairman said.

US Supreme Court to Hear Germany’s Demand to Reject Victims of Nazi Looting

"Germany seeks to eliminate recourse for Nazi-looted art and the Court will have the chance to answer this question of critical importance for Holocaust victims.”

NYC Council Cuts $1 Billion off NYPD’s Budget

Protesters continued to demonstrate in front of NY City Hall, meanwhile, with “NO PIG ZONE” painted in red on the pavement and a sign, 'CHAZ' posted nearby.

Likud MK Threatens Committee Chair He Could Lose his Job over Digging into Submarine...

MK Moshe Ya'alon (Yesh Atid-Telem) echoed the demand for a State Comptroller examination into the affair, and also called for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry.

Police Interrogate Gush Etzion Cherry Grower for Letting Air Out of Thieves’ Tires

"I was interrogated as a suspect, photographed and fingerprinted like a criminal."

As Minneapolis City Council Disbands Police, Members Receive Private Security at $4,500 per Day

A spokesperson for the city said the MPD resources are needed in the community, and besides, the hourly cost of a private security guard is about the same as a police officer.

State Dept.: Israel Among Top Global Fighters Against Human Trafficking

The State Dept. has removed Saudi Arabia from its list of the worst offenders on human trafficking.

Duma Arson-Murder Minor Defendant May Not Do Prison Time

The court's decision to postpone the sentencing and the inquiry with the community service administrator suggests the court may be looking at keeping A out of prison.

US Army Private Confesses to Helping Satanic Neo-Nazis Attack his Own Unit

According to the indictment, “Members and associates of O9A have espoused violent, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and Satanic beliefs."

Chief Rabbinate Senior Official on Trial for Issuing Kashrut Certificates in Exchange for Bribes

The bribes allegedly came in the form of cash, large amounts of alcoholic beverages, and the very consumer goods for which importers were seeking kosher certificates.

‘No Criminality’ After NYPD Cops Poisoned by Drink from Shake Shack During Protest Shift

Employees at Shake Shack were questioned and a sample of the shake was taken to a lab for testing.

Sister of Murdered Wife to Knesset Committee: ‘This Isn’t Domestic Violence, It’s Terror in...

"The memory of Michal and Maya Vishniyak (another domestic murder victim) will start a revolution."

Israeli Government Proposes Legalizing Cannabis, Will Submit Bill to Knesset

Out of the 14 ministers in the ministerial legislative committee, only Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) and Rafi Peretz (Yamina) opposed the decision.

Holocaust Memorial Fountain Vandalized in California

The fountain at Santa Rosa Memorial Park was “toppled onto the ground in pieces.”

Cuomo Orders de Blasio to Fix NYPD by Next April

In April, de Blasio destroyed his relationship with the Chassidic community of Williamsburg—which voted for him as a block, with his infamous, anti-Semitic tweet.

Arabs Set Fire to Municipal Building in Jaffa, Riots Continue

The local residents are protesting plans to build a homeless hostel on the site of a former cemetery.

Report: Jews Who Beat Up Hebron Arab, Golani Soldier, Were ‘Youth at Risk’ from...

The youths were released by police on Saturday morning, on condition that they stay outside Hebron for five days.

Haredi Man Who Led a Double Life Arrested for Punching Woman

In October 2019, Adler was outed by the NY Post as a Haredi man, married to a pregnant wife with three children from Clifton, New Jersey.

Man Bites Dog: Jerusalem Police Bans Islamic Guard for Praising Terrorist

"While we are pleased that this radical member of the Waqf will not be able to spew his anti-Israel venom on the Temple Mount for the next five months, he should be banned permanently.

Arabs Riot in Jaffa for Second Consecutive Night; 4 Arrested

The riots were organized by a local Islamic society over the city’s plans to build a hostel for the homeless on a site that was used as a Muslim cemetery over 90 years ago, and has since been replaced by a football field and warehouses.

3 Israeli Bedouin Convicted of Honor Murder of Female Relative, 19

The three kidnapped the young woman in their car, murdered her and burned her body because she wanted to get a divorce after having been forced to marry her husband.

Likud, Blue and White to Work Toward Decriminalizing Cannabis

Legislation to be advanced “as soon as possible” to make it easier for patients to get access to medical marijuana and easier for growers to obtain licenses.

Homicide Rate in Arab-Israeli Community Increases by 60% in 3 Years, Study Shows

Arabs in Israelis are involved in 57% of all murder cases, 55% of the attempted murder cases, 59%of the arson incidents, 45% of the robberies, and 26% of drug cases.

A&E, Paramount, Defund COPS After 32 Seasons

A&E is covering the unexpected gap in its schedule with "Race and Resolution," in partnership with the NAACP.

Risking November Outcome, Biden, Democrats, Reject BLM’s Demands to Defund Police

"What we're doing is talking about how we change policy to make our policing more just,” Pelosi told MSNBC.

Jerusalem: Police Arrest 21 Arabs Operating on PA’s Behalf in Capital

The Palestinian Authority is attempting to assert its sovereignty in Jerusalem.


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