Terror Victims Demand Death Penalty for Arch-Terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi

"Zubeidi should receive the death penalty as is the case in the United States," Indor said.

Justice Stein Rejects Prosecution’s Appeal, Releases Minor Suspect in Arab Woman’s Murder

Justice Stein ordered that the minor be released under conditions determined by the District Court: house arrest under electronic controls, the signatures of two guarantors, and a 35,000 shekel (roughly $10,000) bail in cash.

Barred from Inquiring about Restitution, Israeli Man Spits on Polish Ambassador in Tel Aviv

"The suspect was walking in the middle of the street with his hands folded behind his back, very slowly, especially when an embassy car came up behind him and honked for him to get off the road – he did not like it."

Lawyers Say Forensic Evidence Shows Minor Accused of Killing Aisha Al-Rabi Is Innocent

The Central District Court on Tuesday ordered the minor to be released to house arrest with electronic cuffing.

With Attorneys’ Fee Settled, Netanyahu Pre-Indictment Hearing Coming Soon

Netanyahu's spokesman, Ofer Golan, announced that the prime minister would pay his own fees.

Report: WhatsApp Security Breach Allowed Israeli Company to Install Spyware on Mobile Phones

It's not clear whether the emerging WhatsApp scandal is bad or good for NSO Group's business.

Suspect Arrested in Golan Eagle Poisoning

Eight eagles have died and two others are fighting for their lives after they ingested poison on the Golan Heights.

3 Indicted in Plot to Kill Jerusalem Mayor, Attack Tel Aviv Beachgoers

The terrorists made plans after they were released from Nafha Prison in the Negev, where they became friends while serving time for security offenses.

Minor’s Attorney, Shin Bet, Clash over Conflicting Versions of Duma Plea Deal

The Shin Bet statement quite clearly either contradicts the earlier version of events as reported in the Israeli press, or alters the components of the story to produce a new, possibly misleading version.

Duma Arson-Murder Case: Shin Bet’s Tortured Minor Victim Absolved of Murder

On the week following the arson in Duma, President Reuven Rivlin took a firm position against the arsonists, declaring: “My people have chosen terror.” He did so without an ounce of proof and should apologize.

Post-Poway Shooting, Nonprofits Gain Permission to Use DHS Grant for Armed Personnel

Examples of “physical security enhancements” include, but are not limited to, “alarm systems, impact-resistant doors and gate, lighting, access control systems, video systems, jersey walls, fencing, fixed or handheld screening systems.”

Days After Sweeping Right-Wing Election Victory, 100s of Policemen Demolish Binyamin Outpost

Local residents reported the demolition forces brought along porta-potties, which means they plan a long stay and much damage to Jewish homes in the entire area.

AG Mandelblit Pressing Netanyahu’s Lawyers to Confirm Hearing Date

The Attorney General stressed that if the PM chooses not to schedule to the hearing, then he, the AG, would make a final decision on the indictments based strictly on the evidence.

Christians in PA Attacked by Fatah, Forced to Pay Muslim Tax

The violence began after a Christian woman complained to PA police about the dangerous and violent behavior of a senior Fatah official's son.

Shin Bet Uncovers Terrorist Cell that Plotted Election Day Suicide Car Bombing

Yehiye Abu Dia, 23, a resident of A-Zaim, who is affiliated with the Hamas terrorist organization, was arrested on March 31. He will be indicted on charges of terrorism in the coming days.

Violent Robbery at Nairobi Chabad House, Rabbi, Wife, Beaten, Injured

The robbers entered Mrs. Notik's bedroom, beat her with a stick to wake her up, threatened her life and demanded money.

On Passover Eve Rockland County Bars the Unvaccinated from Synagogues

New York Civil Liberties Union Executive director Donna Lieberman said forced vaccinations were an extreme measure that “raises civil liberties concerns about forced medical treatment.”

Evicted from Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange indicted for Hacking the US Government

According to London police, the Australian computer programmer was arrested again and indicted by US Justice Department officials furnished with extradition papers.

State Comptroller Recommends Criminal Investigation of UTJ’s Gafni

According to the report, other individuals involved in this case were served with indictments while the protected rabbi eluded the investigators, allegedly thanks to Gafni's assistance.

Israel Police to Enact Cannabis Decriminalization Tonight

A first-time offender will be fined up to 1,000 shekel ($275), without a criminal record.

Violence at Ketziot Prison Designated a Terror Attack

The inmates, members of the Hamas terrorist organization, are to be charged with attempted murder.

Jerusalem Hit-and-Run May Have Been Terror Attack

“We are demanding a full investigation and we’ll do everything to ensure that the terrorists are held accountable.”

AG: Netanyahu Did Not Tell Me Why He Approved Submarines Sale to Egypt

In response to a petition by the Movement for Quality Government, the AG clarified: "I was not exposed to secret data regarding the approval for the submarines sale to Egypt."


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