Haredi Teens Accused of Infecting Firefighter with Deliberate Sneezing

As of Saturday, 426 FDNY personnel, firefighters, EMS, and civilian staff, have been infected with the coronavirus.

Senior IDF Officers Petition High Court to Compel Prosecution of Breaking the Silence

Rachel Mattar of the Prosecution allegedly admitted that "there is no doubt that the soldiers were questioned about operational activities that appear to have little relevance to the stated goals of Breaking the Silence.”

Rabbi Josef Neumann Who Was Stabbed on Chanukah in Monsey Dead at 72

The charges against his assailant are expected to be elevated to murder in the 2nd degree.

Yitzhar Hilltop Youths Throw Molotov Cocktails at Police following Clash over Rebuilding a Synagogue

Virtually all the politicians who on Friday morning condemned the firebombing ignored the fact that the Border Police had it in for the Kumi Uri residents who were trying to rebuild their fallen synagogue.

Increasing Numbers of Police Across America Attacked by COVID-19 Coronavirus

There was a 38 percent jump in the number of NYPD officers – 211 officers and civilian personnel -- who tested positive for the virus since Monday.

Israeli Imprisoned in Thailand to Serve Remainder of Sentence in Israel

Nati Hadad was arrested in 2017 and sentenced a year after for running an illegal medical clinic and a firearms offense.

Israel Mulls Drastic New Restrictions as COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket

The more drastic restrictions that have yet to be approved include an order to halt all public transportation for a seven-day period.

FBI: Neo-Nazis on Mission to Spread Coronavirus to Jews, Police

The FBI’s New York office reported that "members of extremist groups are encouraging one another to spread the virus, if contracted, through bodily fluids and personal interactions."

In Phone Conference Cabinet Unanimously Approves Nationwide Emergency Curfew

It should be emphasized that the right to protest in public will be preserved.

Kesher Israel Synagogue’s Rabbi in DC Robbed at Night

It took place at the 2800 block of O Street in the northwest part of the nation’s capital near the 110-year-old congregation.

Israel Police Bust Bedouin Soldiers, PA Weapons Trade Network

Indictments were filed Monday against the suspected soldiers in the Southern District Military Court.

Oleh from India Severely Beaten By Men Shouting ‘Chinese’ and ‘Corona’

Singson made Aliyah with his mother, grandmother and brother. He lives in Tiberias with his family and attends a Hesder Yeshiva in Ma’alot.

Inspired by Coronavirus Doom, Repentant Thief Returns Ancient Missile to State Agency

He did it, he said, in light of the coronavirus crisis, and his feeling that “the end of the world is nigh.”

Jewish Boy in Serious Condition after Attack by Arabs in Samaria

When the boy entered the vehicle in a rush to flee the perilous scene, an Arab threw a cinderblock from a short distance through the open window and hit him in the head.

Netanyahu Requesting 45-Day Delay of Trial, But Approval Unlikely

Judge Friedman-Feldman sat on the panel of judges that convicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for fraudulent acceptance of a gift and breach of trust.

Feds Won’t Release the Terminally Ill Bernie Madoff as 500 Victims Demand He Die...

The US Attorney concluded that “Denying Madoff’s motion will uphold his victims’ and the public’s faith in our system of justice.”

Jew Slapping Woman Arraigned But Let Go Under New Bail Law

Brooklyn ADA Peter Choi told Judge Danny Chun that he isn't allowed to seek bail in Harris's case.

Greek Police Push Back 13,000 Syrian Refugees Sent by Erdogan Across Turkish Border

Erdogan's skill at using millions of human beings to advance his policies remains as effective as before, but this time around it will be difficult for him to repeat his parlor trick.

7 IfNotNow Members Arrested Trying to Shut Down Biden’s Campaign in Philadelphia

By the way, from the pictures Becky sent me, it really doesn't look like there were 100 of them disrupting Biden. More like, I don't know, eighteen?

PA ‘Confiscating’ Rare Archaeological Finds from Private Collector

After the PA learned of the rare collection's existence, it has repeatedly confiscated pieces from the collection. PA officials may have privately sold some of them.

Prison Authority Moves Duma Arson Suspect to Distant Facility, Making Family Visits Arduous

"This whole case is a libel, tailored by the prosecution, the Shin Bet and the IPS, which helps them break Amiram."

Deep State, Leftist Media, Enraged by Investigation of Gantz’s Management Failure

This investigation is not about whether or not Gantz broke the law, it's about his failure to prevent his subordinates from breaking the law.

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found on Jewish-Owned Business in Jackson, NJ

There are no witnesses or suspects connected to the vandalism.

Gunman Kills 8, Self, in 2 German Hookah Lounges

The attacks came four days after a shooting that killed one person outside a Turkish comedy show in Berlin.

Jerusalem Police Use 3 Cars to Arrest Smotrich’s Brother for Teaching Torah in Abandoned...

The Jerusalem cops have been on the war path with religious-Zionist politicians in recent days.

Prosecution Recommends Criminal Investigation of Gantz’s Collaboration with Former Police Chief

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit decided to open an investigation into the matter, but won't announce it before Election Day, March 2.

Bibi Meets US Congressmen Who Witnessed Yehuda Glick’s Arrest on the Temple Mount

This hardly ever happens in America to former lawmakers strolling in a holy site – or anywhere else, really.

Glick Detained Again as He Delivers Release Documents: All They Had to Do Was...

"Bullying and vengeful persecution while abusing power are something that a democratic state cannot accept," Smotrich declared.


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