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The Lives of a Million Israelis Will Change Radically When Green Tags Expire October...

Then there's the scandal that was generated by Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz.

Malka Leifer to Stand Trial on 70 Child Sex Abuse Counts

Leifer did not ask for bail and will remain in jail.

2 Men Charged with Hate Crime for Attacking Jewish Diners in LA Sushi Restaurant

Prosecutors say LA Police is still investigating the attack on Sushi Fumi’s patrons.

Volunteer Policeman Killed in Hit-and-Run in Nahariya

Hussam Sajeer had volunteered to work that day, so that a Jewish police officer could have the day off to celebrate Sukkot with his family.

Chabad Chassid Attacked in Crown Heights, Threatened with Death

Passersby chased the attacker, but he managed to escape.

Report: Israel Police Solves Only 1 in 10 Forest Arsons

Minister of Internal Security Omar Barlev told the committee that much of the blame for the recent increase in arsons has to do with climate change.

Watch: Nature & Parks Inspectors Release Tiny Rodent from Plastic Bottle Prison

Bags and wipes are eaten by animals that have not learned to avoid them: turtles in the sea and goats in the desert.

Survey: Jews Least Harassed Group in Online Gaming Compared with Women, Blacks, Asians, LGBTQ,...

Two groups suffered less abuse in online gaming than the year before: Latinx 25%, down from 30%; and the disabled 24%, down from 25%.

Knesset Public Security Committee Hears Plan to Confront Violence in Arab Society

"Two billion shekels are not enough, because organized crime groups have more."

Prosecution Witness in Netanyahu’s Trial Killed in Light Plane Crash

Haim and Esti Garon, both about 70, were killed on Monday when their Cessna 182 light aircraft, with an Israeli registration, crashed near the...

Police Seize Over 430 Guns in Arab Sector Since Beginning of 2021

These numbers do not include perpetrators and weapons seized in the Jerusalem and Southern Districts.

Man Attacks Haredi MK, Tries to Cut his Beard, Flees on Scooter

UTJ MK Israel Eichler called on all the Haredi leaders to strongly condemn Monday morning's violent attack.

After 13 Years’ Delay Malka Leifer’s Trial Opens in Melbourne

Another Haredi person facing some consequences related to this case is former health minister Yaakov Litzman.

PM Bennett: Prisoners’ Escape Was ‘Sequence of Mistakes and Failures’

In the past, Bennett spoke critically of the IDF's preference to contain and pacify the enemy and in favor of charging the enemy at every opportunity.

Homeland Security Minister: Captured 4 Runaways Don’t Know Where Remaining 2 Are Hiding

Minister of Internal Security Omer Barlev on Sunday morning told 103FM following the capture of four out of six escaped terrorists from Gilboa security...

Bennett Wants Maximum Protection for Israeli-Arabs Who Helped Capture the Escaped Terrorists

There is a lot of rage on Arab social media channels against the Israeli-Arabs who helped in the capture of the escaped terrorists from Gilboa prison.

Gilboa Prison Tower Unmanned at Time of Escape

Originally it was thought the guard fell asleep, now it seems there wasn't a guard at all.

Far-Right German Convicted of Attacking Jewish Restaurant Owner

Back in 2018, Central Council of Jews in Germany president Schuster described the attack as: "It is five past midnight."

Haredi Man Killed, 10 Injured in Uman Car Crash

This was an accident involving a shuttle vehicle and a bus that took place 70 kilometers from Uman.

Prison Guards Suspected of Complicity in Terrorist Prison Break, Violence Escalates In Prisons &...

The Palestinian Authority warned, "continuation of escalation in this way means a real war inside prisons and detention centers."

Arrests Made In Connection To Gilboa Prison Break

Relatives of some of the escaped terrorists have been arrested.

6 Security Prisoners Escape, Including Commander of Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades

All of Israel's security prisons are on lockdown as of Monday morning, and prisoners are not allowed to leave their sections.

7 Year Manhunt for Get Refuser Ends with Arrest on the Streets of Tel...

The husband has been arrested, but has so far still refused to supply his wife with a Get.

Border Police Launch Undercover Unit to Combat Crime in Arab Sector

Commissioner of Police Yaakov Shabtai decided to establish another undercover unit that will operate against serious crime and terrorism among Arabs with Israeli citizenship.


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