AG: Netanyahu Did Not Tell Me Why He Approved Submarines Sale to Egypt

In response to a petition by the Movement for Quality Government, the AG clarified: "I was not exposed to secret data regarding the approval for the submarines sale to Egypt."

Ya’alon: Netanyahu Should Be Tried for Treason over Submarine Deals

The Likud would rather not confront Ya'alon, who has been on the record from the start against purchasing that extra submarine.

Israeli Police Officer Hit by Arab Car Thief at Jerusalem Checkpoint

The vehicle climbed on to the sidewalk and hit the police officer as it came through the checkpoint at high speed.

Argentina Arrests Iranian Couple Carrying Forged Israeli Passports

Interpol has confirmed that the passports used by the couple did not correspond to real Israeli citizens.

A-G Agrees to Hold Back Netanyahu Pre-Indictment Hearing, Transfer of Evidence Until After Election

The news is a win for Netanyahu, who requested the delay in order to avert any adverse impact on the polls.

Torture Doesn’t Pay: Court Acquits Defendants in Dormition Abbey Arson

Only last week, the enemies of democracy challenged the candidacy of the Jewish Power Party. Will anyone now disqualify the Blue and White party's Moshe Ya'alon, for trampling democracy with his military boots?Lock him up.

Shin Bet Always Gets Its Man: Terrorist Who Stabbed Rafi Lisker in Efrat Captured...

The Shabak did not stop looking for the terrorist who snuck into Efrat and stabbed a man in the back on a Friday night.

Israeli Soccer Player in Germany Told: ‘Down the Chamber with You’

Of course, the "chamber" referenced that historically significant German product, Zyklon B, which was used in gas chambers in the death camps in Poland under Nazi rule.

Arab Agricultural Terror Continues: 22 Calves Stolen from Yatir

This is the second time in two weeks that calves were stolen from Jewish communities south of Hebron.

Israel Re-Incarcerates Belgian Security Prisoner

Due to an error in the process with the Israel Prisons Service, the Shin Bet's objection was not transferred to the parole board.

Police Foil Gun Smugglers at Jerusalem Checkpoint

When the driver was asked for identification, it was discovered that he was, in fact, a fugitive wanted for questioning, and without a driver’s license. At the end, five suspects were arrested and held for questioning.

Million-Plus Israeli Websites Target of Ransomware Hack

The hackers attacked the Hebrew website Nagich, which is dedicated to making the Internet more accessible to disabled users.

Ramming Attack in Binyamin, Officer Seriously Injured, Riot Erupts

Arab sources reported that clashes broke out after the attack, at the entrance to Nima village, between the local residents and IDF forces.

Shabbat Shalom…a Kidney is Waiting for You in the Hospital

Police came to the Ultra-Orthodox man's house on Shabbat to inform him that a life-saving Kidney had become available...

AG Mandelblit Announces Bribery, Breach of Trust Charges Against PM Netanyahu

A court's decision on the prime minister's indictments is expected within a year.

Watch: Israeli Security Forces Arrest 24 Terrorists in Issawiya

The forces arrested 24 suspects for alleged involvement in terrorist activities, including stoning attacks and firebombing with Molotov cocktails.

Israeli Arab Car Thief Hits 6 People Fleeing Police

The car thief was captured, arrested and transferred to security personnel for questioning.

Regavim: Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Dozens of Bedouin Illegal Structures Intact, Expanded

"This is a bleak situation that could not exist in any other local municipality in the State of Israel, certainly not after a clear ruling by the Supreme Court."

Leftist Journalist to Pay $7,000 Reparations to Hebron Resident He Called ‘Nazi’

Someone should now tell Israeli leftists to be careful in their attacks on Otzma Yehudit and avoid references to the history of Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Egypt Foils Attempt to Smuggle Mummy Parts to Belgium

The remains were confiscated and will be restored in their original owners.

Israeli Security Foils Arms Trafficking Attempt from Jordan

“The combination of advanced technologies and highly trained personnel enabled operational success and allowed us to stop the smugglers.”

Police Arrest Relatives Suspected in Mysterious Murder of Jerusalem Couple

Police Arrest Relatives Suspected in Mysterious Murder of Jerusalem Couple

Fetus Found on a Sidewalk in Brooklyn

"I don't know, it's crazy because stuff like this doesn't happen around here."

Arab Rioters Arrested on Temple Mount

The arrests took place after a crowd of of Muslim worshipers tried to force their way into the Golden Gate area.


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