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Knife Carrying Arab Woman Killed at Eastern Jerusalem Checkpoint

"A woman with gunshot wounds was evacuated to the emergency room this morning, where doctors determined her death."

Civil Administration Using Regulation Act to Spare Illegal Arab Homes Slated for Demolition

"This is a definite case of government by civil servants," Regavim said.

Florida Man Apprehended for Threatening to Shoot Jews

Hanson Larkin, 25, was denied bail in an Orlando federal court. He could face up to five years behind bars if convicted.

Bethlehem Prosecutor: Israa Gharib Was Not Killed in Honor Murder – She Was a...

She was assaulted again in the hospital, where she was heard screaming and calling for the police.

Former NJ Rabbi Gets 6 Years for 1999 Sexual Assault

Many community members supported Weiss throughout the legal proceedings over the last two years.

Brooklyn Orthodox Jews Urge Police, City Protection Against Rash of Attacks

After three attacks in recent weeks targeting visible Jews, residents and leaders are calling for greater police presence in their neighborhoods and stricter hate-crime laws.

AG Orders Investigation of Gantz’s Company

Fifth Dimension senior officials participated in police discussion about contacting their company to check the suitability of the system they offered for police needs, which gave them the upper hand over competing companies.

Orthodox Jew Belted by Thugs on Brooklyn Street, Third Attack in One Week

Police are still investigating two other hate crimes against religious Jewish men from last week.

Wave of Arrests in Gaza following 3 Policemen’s Murder

Ma'an reported Wednesday morning that the security services in Gaza announced they have the first leads regarding the identity of the killers.

Police Arrest Suspect Who Threatened to Murder Terrorist’s Killer

"The time has come to treat the Temple Mount like any other sovereign place in Israel and crack down on the Arab-Islamist social networks that frequently incite violence against policemen and Jewish worshipers."

New Zealand Suspends UNRWA Funding over Critical Ethics Report

Pierre Krähenbühl, UNRWA's Swiss chief, created a post of “Special Advisor” which he gave to his mistress.

Arrest Made in Shooting of Jewish Man Outside Miami Synagogue

Police have yet to say if Carlints St. Louis, 30, will be charged with a hate crime, as they have yet to determine a motive for the shooting.

PA Threatens to Arrest LGBT Group for Violating the Ideals of Palestinian society

Of course, Al Qaws, which would not have come to life without active support from Israeli Jews, is an avid supporter of the BDS.

Body of Drowned Kollel Student Found Off Tel Aviv Shore, Went Swimming at Midnight

The problem is that while it is important to make wise and responsible rulings on proper safety at the beach, it is equally important to read them.

Israel Police: Terror Attack Thwarted in Hadera

The suspect was shot by police, who warned him to throw the knife down. He was later evacuated to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera to be treated for the gunshot wounds.

Ohio White Nationalist Arrested for Video Threat to Jewish Center

The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation issued a statement thanking law enforcement for their swift reaction.

Telegrass Founder Extradited to Israel After Failed Jailbreak Attempt in Ukraine

Silver is suspected of having started a narcotics distribution network, which was operational since 2017 and had been used as a platform for the trade of Cannabis, MDMA and other psychedelic drugs.

Police Arrest Two in Attacks on Williamsburg Jews

Four of the five attacks were against Hasidic men on their way to shul.

3rd Suspect Arrested for Attempted Lynch of Israeli Motorist on Way to Kotel on...

A policeman in a nearby car saw the attack, exited his car and fired in the air, thus extracting the motorist from a potential lynching.

Rabbi Attacked by Muslims in Affluent Charlottenburg, Berlin

Charlottenburg is a magnet for Berlin Jews, and is home to the city's largest kosher supermarket.

Minister Haim Katz Expected to Resign Today over Millions in Insider Trading, Corruption

According to the indictment, Katz's portfolio grew by millions of shekels while serving as chairman of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee.

Drunk Teens Spray Mount Olive, NJ with Numerous Swastikas

All 14 complaint calls came from Stedwick Village.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Guards Suspended, Warden Reassigned

The guards are reportedly suspected of falsifying log entries, showing they had been checking on Epstein as warranted.

Suspect Arrested in Anti-Semitic Attack in Crown Heights

The suspect was arrested by New York Police and charged with a hate-crime assault, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

150 Tires Slashed on 56 Cars Belonging to Lakewood Jews

“He didn’t even get anything out of it. All he did was just damage other people’s property."

Gov. Cuomo ‘Sickened’ by Assaults on Hasidic Jews

According to Police, the attackers sneaked up on their victims from behind, punched them in the face and emptied their pockets.

Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Mass Murder Reviewed in Court Monday

Bowers was indicted on 44 counts by the federal grand jury on October 31. The charges carry a maximum penalty of death or 535 years in federal prison.

Haneen Zoabi Facing Indictments for ‘Broad and Systematic Fraud’

Police suspect that during 2013 the party deposited about NIS 3.2 million from a source that has not yet been identified with the funds fraudulently declared as donations from private donors.

Israeli Woman Convicted of $145 Million Binary Options Fraud in US

Another 14 other defendants are standing trial for involvement in the binary options scheme.


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