Ambassador’s Son Found Decapitated in Northern Israel

The 43-year-old victim was the son of the late Naim Araidi, a noted Druze author and scholar who also served as Israel’s ambassador to Norway from 2012-2014.

Israel-Arab Arrested for Impersonating Soldier, Spreading Fake News of Massacre

Online incitement targeting Arab teens has also been traced back to the Palestinian Authority and local PA Arab clergy.

UN Watch Accuses Albanese of Taking Payments from Activist Groups

Francesa Albanese’s “support for terrorism and promotion of antisemitism” “is now compounded by serious financial improprieties,” said the NGO in a complaint filed to the U.N. secretary general.

IDF Confirms: Hamas Stole $108 Million from Gaza Banks

The Israeli military published internal records appearing to confirm earlier reports about the suspected robberies.

Man Indicted for Threatening Michigan Jewish Officials Is Too Crazy to Stand Trial

Carpenter claimed to have established a new sovereign nation called "New Israel."

London Theater Vandalized Before Film Fest Screening of Nova Documentary

The Phoenix Cinema refused to bow to intimidation with a spokesperson saying the venue believed in both free speech and showing “difficult content.”

Shots Fired at Chabad Girls School in Toronto

Multiple suspects fired gunshots from a dark-colored vehicle at the Bais Chaya Mushka school.

Im Tirtzu Files Police Complaint Against ‘Brothers in Arms’ Anarchists

Police stated that several protesters planned to use ropes to drag vehicles onto Highway 1 during rush hour traffic and set them ablaze.

Police Raid Tel Aviv Municipality, 13 Arrested on Suspicion of Underworld Ties

Police suspect that crime families from the Jewish and Arab sectors were involved in the corruption.

It’s a War: NYPD Disperses Pro-Hamas Soldiers in Brooklyn with Great Vigor

Within Our Lifetime, an activist group led by pro-Hamas “Palestinians” organized the rally.

Police Detain Man Who Raised Israeli Flag on Temple Mount on Independence Day

He reflected the national mood today, the saddest Yom Ha’Atzmaut ever.

Bomb Threats Target Multiple NY Synagogues

According to a state representative, more than 20 Jewish houses of worship were threatened over Shabbat.

NYU Claims Over Half Arrested for Anti-Israel Riots Not Tied to School

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said "outside agitators" played a key role in pro-Hamas protests at Columbia University.

NYPD Clears Columbia U Building, Arrests Dozens of Pro-Hamas Protesters

21 House Democrats, along with Republicans, pressured Columbia University into taking a tough stance against pro-Hamas demonstrators.

All Released, No Criminal Charges for Columbia & NYU Antisemitic Protesters

The universities have done little to quell the unrest and the protesters have faced little in the way of disciplinary action, while Jewish students remain threatened.

Jewish Woman Reports Rape, Assault to ‘Avenge Palestine’

The suspect has been charged with kidnapping and religiously-motivated death threats.

FBI ‘Particularly Concerned’ About ‘Lone Actors’ on Passover

“Unprecedented threats do not need to equate to unnecessary fear or panic,” said Michael Masters, of Secure Community Netw

Ben Gvir Establishes Police Unit to Remove Leftist Provocateurs from Judea and Samaria

Tensions are emerging between Ben Gvir and General Yehuda Fox as both officials claim the right to carry out police actions in Judea and Samaria.

Jewish Man Stabbed in Driveway of Upstate New York Home

The victim is in stable condition, and the Ramapo Police Department questioned and released a "possible suspect."

3 Wounded, 5 Arrested as Philadelphia Muslims Exchange Gunfire to End Ramadan

No one in Philly sounded surprised on Wednesday that a bunch of Muslims started shooting each other on their holiday.

NYPD Promotes Two Jewish Police Officers

One was promoted to lieutenant and the other has been promoted to sergeant.

20 Pro-Hamas Protesters Arrested, Suspended for Storming LA Area College President’s Office

At 20 after midnight on Saturday, all the detainees were released after being served “Emergency Interim Suspension.”

Police to Ban Jews From Temple Mount During Final Days of Ramadan

Ben-Gvir has not commented on the police ban, but it is believed that he was overruled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pro-Hamas Students Disrupt U of Michigan Honors Convocation, Will Face ‘Appropriate Consequences’

OK, now let’s lean back and wait for the consequences. But be patient, this could take a while.

Israel Police Partners to Bring Purim Packages to Israeli Victims of Terror

"We hope to remind victims of terror and their families that they are not alone, that we are here to help them every step of the way."

Iranian Hackers Claim to Have Breached Dimona Nuclear Facility

The cyber criminals claim to have stolen thousands of documents from the nuclear site.


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