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Israeli Border Guard soldiers at check point / Photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israel police on Tuesday morning released a statement saying Border Guard soldiers have arrested an Arab woman at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria who is suspected of planning a stabbing attack.

The soldiers were conducting thorough inspections of Arab vehicles at the junction’s check point, based on intelligence received by the IDF about a young Arab woman who had left her home in the Jenin area to carry out an attack. In one of the Arab taxis that stopped at the check point, the force commander noticed a young woman who aroused his suspicions, and did not carry an ID card.


The soldiers detained the woman for identification, and a preliminary interrogation found that her name matched the intelligence report. A thorough search of her person and belongings revealed a large kitchen knife in her purse.

The suspect, 17, was arrested and taken to interrogation by security forces.

The Border Guard company commander noted that “as soon as we received the intelligence alert, we deployed an enhanced formation at the check point, conducting detailed inspections of every passerby. I am delighted that the alertness and experience of the soldiers today likely prevented an attack.”

According to recent news reports, the Israeli security forces have developed an algorithm that collects and analyzes social network data to predict seemingly sporadic attacks by would-be terrorists.


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