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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is coming up and while most Jews will be praying in synagogues for a healthy and sweet year, the men and women in the IDF will be on duty protecting Israel from those who seek her destruction.

I have been serving in an Elite Paratroopers unit as a IDF reservist for the past 20 years and after speaking with several high ranking officers from different infantry units about what their soldiers can use, they all agreed on the Water Backpack!


Here is your chance to show your appreciation to the IDF! We want to get it to at least 200 soldiers, so please donate what you can and help SHARE this awesome opportunity with your friends and family!

The IDF 3 Liter Water Backpack! 

GOAL = 200 IDF Soldiers!

Donate By Clicking On The IDF Tank Team Below

Official IDF Unit Berets Will Be Sent To Those Who Donate Over 5 Water Backpacks! 

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