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    Why Trump Won and Why He Is The Loud Mouth America Needs

    It was the press along with the Clinton camp that gave Donald Trump this election.

    UNESCO Unmasked – and Letters to the World

    I am applauding because this UN organization has finally unmasked its real intent.

    Here Are The Lessons Israel Needs To Learn From The Holocaust

    The motto 'NEVER AGAIN' has nothing to do with the Nazis....=

    On the Jerusalem Pogroms

    Blogger @Israel_Shield talks about the recent #PogromsInJerusalem

    Exclusive: Abbas’s UN Bombshell Revealed, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

    Abu Mazen is no stranger to bombshells or bombs, but his latest statement has everyone speculating about the show he is expected to give at the UN.

    LIVE Meerkat: Cecil the Lion vs. Obama! Who’s Worse?

    Tonight, live Meerkat interactive video tour and talk in Jerusalem.

    Racism or Reality?

    It is perfectly understandable how someone who has no background in Israeli politics could mistake Bibi's speech as racist...

    When Neturei Karta Lost the Torah

    Seeing Israel's enemies online tweet about their wish to destroy Israel and then quote these "religious" Jews as a source, it is clear that these self proclaimed religious Jews are nothing more than a cult who have perverted both the Torah and the Talmud.

    Why Hacking Jews to Death During Prayers Has NOTHING to Do with “Occupation”

    It is time the leaders in Israel and the world realize this has nothing to do with settlements or the Temple Mount or a fake claim of occupation and everything to do with radical Islamic barbarism!

    So You Thought The Arab Israeli Conflict Was About Land? Here Is Why You...

    Let's cut to the chase! The people who call themselves Palestinians are simply Arabs (Muslims) who came to this area from several Islamic regimes. This is not my opinion but rather what their leaders clearly say.

    5 Facts That Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City Or An Arab...

    Here are 5 quick facts that prove Jerusalem was NEVER A Muslim Holy City.

    I Wanted to Boycott Something Palestinian, Here is Why I Failed and So Will...

    I am sick and tired of this one way street boycott! Time to boycott all products developed or invented in the Palestinian controlled areas! Let's start with......umm....

    How Soda Stream Bubbles Pop BDS Hatred Against ARABS!

    There is not a single sensible person on the face of the earth who would consider the bigoted BDS movement to be anything but...

    He Was A Great Rabbi, A Soldier & He Liberated Jerusalem!

    I spent the holiest day of the year in the holiest place in the world.

    5 Palestinian Artifacts From Before Israel that Prove Palestine NEVER existed

    Yeah, I know what you're thinking but no, I haven't lost my mind and no, I am not kidding.

    A Chance To Wish IDF Soldiers a Sweet & WET New Year!

    Here is your chance to show your appreciation to the IDF!

    The Most Powerful IDF Video, Just In Time For New Year [video]

    This video of IDF soldiers singing one of the most powerful prayers Jews say on the holiest day of the year is simply amazing!

    Obama Should Talk to Netanyahu Before Threatening ISIS

    ISIS and Hamas are cut from the same cloth. Obama should listen to Netanyahu.

    If You’re Anti-Israel Then You’re Anti-Semitic

    How many times have you heard anti-semites spew words like Israel are Nazis, or what you are doing to the Arabs is worse that what the Nazis did to the Jews?!...

    You Remember September 11th? Here’s Why September 12th Was Worse!

    There is only one thing more tragic than experiencing a terror attack, and that is allowing those who attacked you to do it again!

    What if the Arabs had Chosen Peace Over War

    Imagine if the Arabs would not have attacked Israel in '48, or any other year...

    My Solution for Gaza

    While I am no fan of the two-state solution, I think I have a solution for the Gaza strip. Let me make it perfectly...

    Before You Blame Israel, Answer These 5 Questions!

    So you want to blame Israel? First answer these 5 simple questions, and see if you even have a leg to stand on...

    My Take on the Ceasefire

    I do not understand why Bibi or anyone else (Obama) would ever contemplate accepting any terms by an organization that states loud and clear their goal of Israel's destruction.

    Why Do Children Die In Gaza & Why Should We Care?

    I am a right wing religious Jewish settler and I HATE seeing pictures of kids in Gaza who are dying or suffering because of this war.

    How to Fight the Anti-Israel Propaganda

    Show me when an Arab Palestine State ever existed and in what year was it occupied by Israel

    Arab Murders Jews, Jews Murders Arab – Here’s The Difference

    Murder is unexcusable. But so is the way Muslim society supports, lauds and treats its murderers and terrorists.


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