Photo Credit: Sharon Altshul / The Real Jerusalem Streets
Binyanei Hauma (ICC) the Beigel-Litman evening - Nov. 17, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel – Nov. 17, 2015 – Erev Shabbat the Litman family of Kiryat Arba drove down to Metar, usually a 35-40 minute drive, for the Aufroof of Ariel Biegel, son of the Rav of Metar.

Arab terrorists shot and killed, the 40 year old father, Rav Yaakov Litman, HY”D and his 18 year old son, Netanel, HY”D on Route #60,near Otniel. A Red Crescent ambulance refused to offer aid to the victims, adding further shock to the other family members in the car.


The wedding was to have taken place Tuesday night at Binyanei HaUma, in a hall in the Jerusalem International Conference Center. However, the kallah Sarah-Techiya Litman and her family are sitting shiva, for their, husband and father, and son and brother.

Girls from Ulpanat Tzvia of Kochav Yaakov came up with an idea to fill the hall with an uplifting spiritual evening. Names had to be submitted by early afternoon for tickets, as only allowed 800 women were to be allowed into the hall.

Women of all ages lined up for tickets, more than 1000 attended, with some girls sitting on the floor, as dozens of others were still waiting outside an hour after the program started. At one point there was talk of cancelling the event as too many people were expected.

The main speaker was popular and inspirational Rebbitzen Yemima Mizrachi. First were divrei Rabbinim and tehilim and music. A message from Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Dov Kalmanovitch, himself a terror survivor was meaningful.

Singer Yitzchak Meir’s performance included a slow Shabbat song, especially powerful, as thoughts were of the past Shabbat and the tragic loss of precious life. Female performers sang at the end of the evening as circles of girls joined in.

The young kallah is still sitting Shiva, but has invited everyone to their wedding next Thursday night, Be”H, same location, same hall, and all of Israel is invited to celebrate.

If you want to help the Litman family, you can donate here:

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