Photo Credit: המטה המשותף לתנועות המקדש
Avraham Fuah arrested for saying the Shema prayer on the Temple Mount

A young Jewish boy, Avraham Fuah, was arrested on Sunday morning for saying the Shema Yisrael prayer out loud while on the Temple Mount.

Prime Minister Netanyahu does not let Jews pray on the Temple Mount out of fear of upsetting the Islamic Waqf and President Obama.



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  1. I am sad to hear Netanyahu has allowed muslims to dictate over and above God Almighty. Netanyahu be God’s David to the devil’s muslim terrorists. That is land God gave Israel. America has no David, and you can see what has happened to her people and county. God is with you. Trust in God and ask Him to forgive any unbelief. He loves you and Israel. You are the apple of his eye. His has great promises just for you and Israel. I.D. the enemy as the devil, and annihilate his forces with Gods help. Your sweet Israel is now the worlds shining light on the hill.

  2. Netanyahu allows freedom of religion to any religion so there is no reason why we cannot pray at OUR historically holiest place. The arabs have no history to this place whatsoever. Moshe Dayan made a BIG mistake when we recaptured it in the war and gave it over to the arabs for safe keeping.

    We can rectify that now. We should all go up and say the Shma – all of us.

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